Personalize Your Site Experience for Better Conversions

Each customer who arrives on a particular website has their own interests and intent. The better the website understands these motivations and provides content to anticipate needs, the more a visitor becomes engaged and motivated to purchase. Those who employ personalized web experiences see an average of 19 percent increase in their sales.

Why website personalization increases conversions

Customers want to know that brands care about them as individuals. They know that if one company doesn’t treat them well, it is easy to just move to the next name on the list. In 2011, an estimated 86 percent of customers stopped patronizing a particular brand because of a negative  customer experience.

Building a relationship with customers by answering their needs and showing them relevant, helpful information through personalization is essential to create a fantastic customer experience. When the experience is customized, they know that the brand cares about them…and that helps build trust.

How to create a personalized website experience

To know the types of relevant content, the first step is developing ideal customer personas that shed light on the different customer demographics visiting the site. Use these personas and map out the types of content customers appreciate at each stage of the sale funnel.

Using relevant customer information

Websites have access to a variety of information from the first time they visit a website such as:

  • Location
  • The number of times the site has been visited
  • How they arrived on the website
  • The type of device they use

This information can produce an elementary level of personalization, such as a travel site featuring deals from the user’s city.

Incorporating the type of device is also a critical part of the process. Mobile device customers tend to be interested in different types of information (such as contact information) and want to see different features, such as back-to-top buttons on long articles.

Using customer behavior

As a visitor interacts with the website, they let the brand know more about who they are and what they seek. Those who fill in opt-in forms leave their name and company. That information can be used throughout the website. As the visitor browses content, the data helps the marketer understand what that customer wants to see.

A customer’s reading habits also provides relevant information about which persona best describes them and where they fall in the funnel. The site can offer more relevant information while gently encouraging them toward making a purchase. Creating personalized Calls to Action (CTAs) tend to be highly beneficial, as they boast a conversion rate 42 percent higher than generic CTAs.

Personalization provides users with a customized experience that directly addresses their needs. goMoxie helps brands personalize mobile customers’ experiences by providing informative visitor profiles and helping sites leverage the data to create an optimal experience. Learn more about their services and see how they help create a personalized mobile experience.