Create the in-store shopping joy online

Replicating the Joy of the In-Store Purchase: goMoxie’s Customer Pain Point Series Pt. 3

There’s something about that feeling: leaving your favorite store, branded bag in hand, heading home with the results of a successful shopping trip. Some say that feeling is one that simply cannot be replicated through the online retail experience—a claim we must refute with the thrill of finding that same branded bag (albeit in box form) on the doorstep at the end of a long, hard day!

Material gratification aside, there are several ways that online retailers can extend their in-store experiences online and promote the uniqueness of their brand across channels.

Be There—Before, During, and After the Purchase

Understanding your customers is essential to creating enduring relationships with your brand. And capturing their business in multiple capacities is no exception to the rule. If you truly know your customers, you know what will excite them. A countdown to the arrival of a known favorite paired with a bit of advice to follow up the purchase is a subtle yet surefire way to mimic an in-store ‘win’ for your customer.

The Human Element

Providing the personalized service that the in-store experience enables is a tricky and critical factor to mirror online. Many companies are investing in a carefully implemented combination of Contextual Information and Live Chat, enabling them to be there for their customers at just the right moment, but not overbearingly so. Some are also investing in offline visibility, such as branded van delivery.

Mobile Conversion – A Measurable Goal

Engaging customers via mobile not only empowers customers to shop your brand on their terms as they would in-store, but also enhances the comprehensive experience across channels. Additionally, it allows you as the retailer to better measure conversions.

Providing a voucher or similar incentive is a great way to welcome your customer back into your ‘store,’ but, like any other content on your site, it must be a targeted effort that is relevant to each particular customer. A 2013 study conducted by Oracle found that while nearly one-third of consumers subscribed to mobile marketing from brands, 35 percent were not receiving relevant messaging.

Let Us Help

Understand your cust—okay, we won’t say it again. But in order to extend the in-store experience online, you must give your customers the thought and personalized service they deserve and have come to expect from your brand. Together we can transform an all-too-common pain point into a lifelong conversion opportunity, and a one-time, one-channel customer into a far-reaching brand ambassador. Click here to see how.