The Resurgence of Knowledge Management: Recent Discussions at Industry Events

We are participating this week at the KMWorld 2013 conference and joined last week Constellation’s Connected Enterprise summit. At both events, we discussed how organizations are seeking better access to knowledge to improve the decision-making process and speed innovation. While these events have different focuses, parallel discussions explored two interconnected trends:

  • The resurgence of knowledge management; and
  • The continued growth in the number of multi-channel consumers.

[slideshare id=28015254&doc=kmworldslideshare1-131107140555-phpapp01]

In the presentation at KMWorld, our director of product management, Bob Peery, discussed the next generation knowledge management and how it is designed to capture the collective knowledge, put it into context and quickly validate the right answer.

In the panel discussion at Constellation’s Connected Enterprise summit, our vice president of products, Nikhil Govindaraj, discussed the importance of organizations having access to one single source of knowledge to meet the demands of super-connected customers. One of the most frustrating experiences to customers is contacting an organization several times through different channels (phone, email, chat, self service portal, and social media) to find the answer they need.

Constellation’s Connected Enterprise Summit

Industry analyst Ray R. Wang captured in this article the key discussions that took place at the Constellation’s Connected Enterprise summit, and highlighted the business strategies that will be critical for organizations to advance their digital transformations in 2014. Ray mentioned:

  • Recognize that they no longer sell products and services, as buyers seek experiences and outcomes
  • Democratize the data to decisions pathway to enable innovation.
  • Realize that B2B and B2C are dead. It’s a P2P and M2M world.
  • Focus on context as right time relevancy beats real time information overload.
  • Shift from engagement to personalization at scale.

Stay tuned. We will be having more discussions about trends as 2014 is right around the corner.