The Tool that Could Increase Mobile Site Conversions by 31%

A recent survey published by Econsultancy shows that 31 percent of shoppers in the United States and United Kingdom would be more likely to purchase a product or service after engaging in a live chat. This statistic has epic implications: What if you live chatted with every customer who came to your site? According to this, you could see 31 percent more conversions.

The Effectiveness of Live Chat

Live chat isn’t just a handy tool in your arsenal; customers prefer it to other modes of communication. According to Econsultancy, 73 percent of customers that have used live chat in the last year are happy with their experience. That’s compared to a 61 percent satisfaction rate with email, 53 percent with an app, 44 percent with phone and 41 percent with SMS, or text messages.

Why do customers love live chat so much? 79 percent attribute it to quick answers, while 51 percent say it allows them to multitask. 46 percent claim it to be the most efficient communication method, while 29 percent say it offers better information than if they’d emailed…likely because of the ability to ask immediate follow-up questions. Bottom line: Users love live chat.

Customer Satisfaction Equals Customer Engagement

If you oversee your company’s mobile site or eCommerce platform, you already know about the importance of customer engagement. Users that are into your platform, your product and you quickly become shoppers and customers. Visitors that don’t like what you do or don’t get their needs met quickly bounce to other sites and other brands.

A primary means of keeping customers on-site and engaged is simply talking to them. Yet perhaps shockingly, only 29 percent of companies bother to engage with customers once they arrive…despite the millions spent in ad revenue and marketing tactics meant to get them there in the first place. Considering this untapped potential in addition to the fact that 31 percent of customers are likely to buy after experiencing a live chat, why wouldn’t you institute the practice immediately?

Keep in mind that that’s just an average, too. Customers who use goMoxie Live Chat report an average increase in satisfaction of 400 percent. These are stunning numbers. You can’t afford to miss out on the potential sales and higher conversions this possibility represents.

Other Benefits of Live Chat

Of course, a spike in customer satisfaction and potential sales is not the only return on investment you’ll see when you institute a professional live chat platform. Other benefits include:

  • Greater number of transactions handled at one time, due to the fact that live chat agents can be trained to handle more than one chat session simultaneously.
  • Augmenting the customer service department by offering another possible channel through which customers can interact with your customer care agents (beware, you should not assign call center workers live chat services, as the skills required are different).
  • Context-aware chat invitations that take customer needs, behaviors and attitudes into account…offering chat sessions at well-timed turning points, satisfying customers and increasing conversion.

Used well, live chat is a powerful tool. Learn how to do that by getting in touch with goMoxie today and learning more about our products. Let us help you engage your customers.