Top 5 Customer Struggles in eCommerce

The Top 5 Customer Struggles in eCommerce

Customer struggles can make or break eCommerce sales. After all, if a customer is struggling, the chances are high that they will lose patience and abandon. Any business or brand selling products or services online should seek to identify and address friction points, the most common being order tracking, failed promo codes, forgotten or lost passwords, and difficulty finding or choosing items. In this article, we’ll take a closer look into each of these struggles that frequently plague eCommerce customer engagement, customer experience, and conversions.

Where is My Order?

When customers buy online, naturally, they’re anxious for their products to arrive, since they’re not getting the instant gratification of leaving a brick-and-mortar store with purchases-in-hand. Anticipate and meet their request for an ETA by automatically directing them to a tracking number, or perhaps even an external tracking page. No one wants to be left in the dark after placing an online order. If you don’t make it clear and easy for customers to track their orders, you run the risk that they could become frustrated and try to cancel.

The Coupon Doesn't Work

Coupons are great for customer engagement but often pose user experience difficulties. Put more bluntly, promo codes have a tendency to not work when customers enter them at the time of purchase.

A customer anticipating a discount is highly likely to abandon if they are unable to score the deal they expected. A proactive digital engagement tool like goMoxie CONTEXT can help save the sale by instantly reissuing a new coupon code. That also sends a message that your brand has the tools in place to deliver a great customer experience even when technical difficulties arise.

I Don't Know My Password

A lost or forgotten password is a relatively simple issue but one that comes in prolific numbers. We’ve all had it happen before. In fact, password problems are actually the most common live chat topic customer service agents have to respond to. A hybrid between a bot and human intelligence, CONTEXT can quickly provide customers with a link to access their account and reset their password. This takes a lot of volume off agents and allows them to focus on questions that truly require their expertise.

Which Product or Service is Best for Me?

Even the most loyal customers can use a little help with buying decisions – but they don’t necessarily want to open up a live chat, and they almost certainly don’t want to pick up the phone and call customer service. That’s why it’s not just customer engagement that matters but intelligent engagement. Thoughtful features such as product comparisons and pop-up snippets of useful information go a long way toward keeping customers engaged and en route to a purchase.

I Can’t Find What I’m Looking For

A customer not knowing which item to choose is one thing; a customer not being able to find an item they’re ready to purchase is another. No search on your site should ever lead to a dead end. Proactive, “mapped” engagements help customers find what they’re looking for, or at least something close.

See and Stop Customer Struggles

Once you’ve identified struggle points like those discussed above, you can invest in the digital engagement tools needed to create a more seamless customer experience. goMoxie technology makes it easy for any eCommerce business to craft targeted, proactive engagements triggered by common customer behaviors. Learn more about our digital engagement suite.