You Don’t Need Mobile Site Strategy, Right?

Google’s April 2015 announcement that it would begin penalizing non-mobile-friendly sites (which it duly did) in search was merely the tip of a very large iceberg. As far back as 2008, industry analysts predicted that mobile site use would overtake desktop site use; mobile site use overtook desktop to become the predominant means by which consumers interacted with the digital sphere.

Despite such facts, some business owners are still unsure whether they really need a mobile strategy. “If my desktop site is good enough,” they wonder, “is it necessary?” Answer: yes. While in past years you might not have needed mobile for business success, you now officially do. Mobile site engagement is more important than ever, and ensuring high conversion rates via mobile can in turn ensure a successful business. Let’s take a closer look.

Does Mobile Really Matter?

Everywhere you look, it seems mobile is taking over the ecommerce space. For instance, a 78 percent of mobile searches for local business result in a consumer purchase. That’s compared to only 64 percent for tablet and 61 for desktop or laptop. That’s not just any mobile access route, either; customers hands-down prefer a good mobile site over an app.  That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have an app at all, but if you do have one, it better be good.

Moreover, 90 percent of Americans now own a mobile phone, while 42 percent have a tablet. A full four out of five now use mobile phones while shopping. Bottom line? More customers are buying from their phones, and you can’t afford to miss out on such important ecommerce opportunities simply because your only reliable platform is desktop.

Why You Need Strategy

It might feel overwhelming to launch into the mobile space, but don’t be threatened. With the array of technology now available to help you enter it, the process is easier than ever. This can take many forms, but the basics include:

  • Have a solid site and, if you choose to use a mobile app, ensure that it doesn’t have any bugs. Users won’t stick with sites and apps that are slowed down by bugs and glitches.
  • Make your mobile strategy scalable. Mobile use is predicted to grow around five percent a year in stable markets for the next few years, while in developing markets it will be much higher, approximately 24 percent. Your site/app must be flexible and allow for growth.
  • Secure your data. You may never recover from a breach.

Increasing Mobile Conversation Rates

Increasing conversion on mobile isn’t as simple as having a great mobile site; you must engage with customers every step of the way. How? Feeding them valuable information at the right moments, building trust with good content and clear purchase pathways, and nudging them along their journey toward the sale.

If this isn’t a service you offer, consider using goMoxie to build personalized, well-designed, and consistent mobile experiences that consumers will quickly grow to love.