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How to Increase Sales for Your Mobile Ecommerce Site
Google’s April 2015 update took mobile sites from a forward thinking business strategy to a critical aspect of every brand's online marketing strategy. With Google’s update, sites that are not mobile friendly see their rankings suffer in search engines There is more to building a mobile experience than making sure everything fits on the page, however. The site should be optimized for the user. When brands make this effort they are often rewarded. Mobile shoppers are 160 percent more likely to convert on sites specifically optimized for smartphones.
Why You Need to Engage Customers on Your Mobile Ecommerce Site
When customers use mobile devices to search for local business information, they end up making a purchase 78 percent of the time. Many business professionals are also surprised to realize nearly one third of all eCommerce purchases during the 2013 holiday shopping season were made on a smartphone. The growth of mobile as a major customer source cannot be overlooked. As technology and customer expectations continue to evolve, the use of mobile devices to complete purchases is only going to increase.
How to Engage with Your Customers, No Matter Their (Screen) Size
Today, mobile customer engagement isn't just a perk. It's a necessity, especially for travel vendors who provide customer service to mobile device users reaching out during their trip. According to Gartner Research, weak mobile customer service harms customer engagement. Learning how to engage with your customers, regardless of their screen size, to provide better service and attract more customers is a must.
It’s Not Magic, It’s Context Aware
To convert site traffic into meaningful sales that increase profits and build business, you absolutely must  anticipate user intent. Whether you direct an eCommerce travel site and want to drive conversion on vacation packages or you oversee your company’s mobile platform and are tasked with increasing purchases from smartphones and tablets, you know how important customer engagement is. Do so, and you might get the sale. Fail to engage, and that prospect may very well leave forever.
6 Tips for Increasing Your Mobile Conversion Rates
It’s no secret that consumers increasingly use their smartphones and tablets to research and shop while they’re on the go. At the same time, they ask their friends for recommendations via social media and share their opinions on goods and services.
Give Customers the Tools They Need to Decide, Right On Your Site
When it comes to travel, Americans want to get on-demand help when they need it to improve decision making and streamline travel plans—without ever leaving your website. goMoxie offers three tools that can help you give your customers what they want and need to make a decision right on your site. Learn how we can help you draw more business, while also increasing business.