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ZDNet CRM Watchlist Winners
CRMWatchlist 2014 – Customer Engagement: Moxie Is a Winner
ZDNet CRM Watchlist Winners We are delighted and honored again this year for being selected a winner in the 2014 CRMWatchlist. Moxie, along with four other companies, was named a winner in Customer Engagement. Industry influencer and ZDnet writer Paul Greenberg published his analysis of Moxie yesterday and highlighted that “Moxie has been a perennial on the CRM Watchlist winners list because, well, they are very good at what they do.” Paul’s industry knowledge is always reflected in his fair and insightful assessments of the vendors included in the CRMWatchlist.
Join us in Welcoming Rebecca Ward as our New CEO

Today we announced the appointment of Rebecca Ward as Moxie Software’s new president and CEO. Rebecca Ward brings to Moxie Software a wealth of expertise in managing high growth technology companies. Prior to her role at Moxie Software, Rebecca was the CEO of Tealeaf where...

The Resurgence of Knowledge Management: Recent Discussions at Industry Events
We are participating this week at the KMWorld 2013 conference and joined last week Constellation’s Connected Enterprise summit. At both events, we discussed how organizations are seeking better access to knowledge to improve the decision-making process and speed innovation. While these events have different focuses, parallel discussions explored two interconnected trends:
  • The resurgence of knowledge management; and
  • The continued growth in the number of multi-channel consumers.
Family Vacation
The Customer Experience in the Collaborative Economy Era
Have no doubt that the Collaborative Economy is here to stay. Most of us have heard about the Collaborative Economy and are familiar with the concept that customers increasingly prefer to share products with each other instead of buying them. What most people don’t realize is that the Collaborative Economy is worth $26 billion. Altimeter Group analyst, Jeremiah Owyang, has developed great research aimed at understanding this market and its key players. Jeremiah defines the Collaborative Economy as the next phase of social business, and specifically says:
Social technologies radically disrupted communications, marketing, and customer care…. Beyond business functions, the Collaborative Economy impacts core business models.”
Propelled by social and mobile technologies and associated with consumers' desire for better customer experience, the Collaborative Economy is challenging many companies in various industry segments to rethink their strategies. Customers expect companies to support new channels of communication that meet them where they are, providing the right information — in real-time.
Are You Getting the Most Value Out of Your Self-Service Channels?
In today's world of digital natives, Google is often the first point of reference for customers when they have a question. Some might track down your contact information if they can't immediately find the answer, but an increasing number will just avoid reaching out all together. Consider, for example, that 25 percent more people used communities for support in the last three years, while a decreasing percentage actually called support. If you don't offer these self-service options, you could be missing opportunities to connect with customers; and over time, impact customer retention and satisfaction. While this loss is difficult to measure directly, it is possible to calculate the value of the support you provide through these channels.
Got Moxie?
Got Moxie?
Our customers are a critical source of insights for our team. The feedback we receive from them supports our ongoing efforts to deliver high quality services and products. A couple of weeks ago, Moxie held a customer gathering and excited users from 3M, Netsmart, US Bank, Affinity Health, Virtual Radiology and other companies shared their feedback and got the latest information about Moxie. They all let us know that they’ve got a lot of Moxie!
Internet Trends
Fun Friday Reading: Roundup – The Best of All Things Digital #D11 Conference
The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference took place this week in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The conference covers strategy and innovation in media and technology, and focuses on discussing how digital technologies are transforming our lives. In this roundup, you will find some of the most discussed topics at the conference:
Convergence 2013
Microsoft Convergence 2013 Roundup: Brewing the New Customer Experience
What a whirlwind week Moxie had at Microsoft Convergence! Over 12,000 attendees descended upon New Orleans to talk about the future of customer experience. Get your shades out, because it’s bright.

Enhancements announced

If the high-volume social media conversation was any indication, there’s been a lot of buzz around Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhancements.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can now build out their multi-channel customer experience and knowledge management with Moxie’s Spaces integration. At the conference, Moxie announced it was strengthening its partnership with Microsoft Dynamics to include Lync integration.
  • Updates to the UI.
  • Social enhancements with the acquisition of Netbreeze.
  • Improved marketing automation with a new release of the integrated MarketingPilot.
  • Social and work capabilities on the go with Dynamics AX.

The experts weigh in

Industry analysts have a collective smile on their faces about the future of Microsoft’s customer experience software. Here's what they said: brian-vellmure-headshot“If Microsoft can continue to innovate, increase their pace along its current trajectory, and focus on creating magic through the integration of great ingredients, notes, and rhythms, there is actually potential for them to re-establish the brand as an innovative technology leader.” – Brian Vellmure   esteban-kolsky-headshot“First, Microsoft is finally (finally!) en route to have a competitive enterprise solution for CRM. Why I say this? Not only functionality…, but also because the implementations are getting done in larger, enterprise setups.” – Esteban Kolsky   ray-wang-headshot“[…] customers and prospects seeking a newer architecture, Microsoft footprint, and deeper micro-vertical capabilities now consider the core Dynamics products for both ERP and CRM in short lists.” – Ray Wang   paul-greenberg-headshot“I've said for 8 yrs. MSFT is the ONLY company on the planet that can support someone's life from end to end.” – Paul Greenberg