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Top 5 Customer Struggles in eCommerce
The Top 5 Customer Struggles in eCommerce

Customer struggles can make or break eCommerce sales. After all, if a customer is struggling, the chances are high they will lose patience and abandon their order....

Win with Self-Service - Moxie
Three Ways Self-Service Portals Have Failed Customers

With the rise of a new generation of more tech-savvy, independent-minded consumers, companies are seeing the value of self-service. Reduced agent overheads and increased customer satisfaction are a win-win. But when the self-service process fails, your customers may reach out through other channels or abandon their...

2017 crm excellence award
Moxie Wins 2017 CRM Excellence Award

Being there for your customers is everything. That’s why Moxie is at the forefront of omni-channel engagement. With innovative technology, Moxie strives to offer customers useful guidance at every stage of their journey. It’s fitting, then, that TMC, a leading communications and technology media company, has...

BetVictor Wins Big with Moxie
BetVictor Wagers on Moxie Across the Board

The Grand National horse race is a big event for sports betting companies such as BetVictor. Up to 10 million people in the UK view the steeplechase on terrestrial television, and an estimated 600 million tune in worldwide. With 40 contestants, plenty of chances for upsets in...

Moxie Chat vs. Email Use Cases
The Difference in Live Chat and Email Channels for CX

When you’re looking to provide superior customer experience, it’s important to let your users engage with you through the channel of their choice, whether it’s chat, email, phone, or self-service. The following two charts from Moxie Insights shows how customers engaging with Moxie Concierge choose either...

moxie concierge icat catastrophe
ICAT Adopts Moxie Live Chat to Simplify Its Online Quote Process

ICAT, a commercial property casualty insurance underwriter focused on areas exposed to hurricanes and earthquakes, has enlisted Moxie’s Live Chat capabilities to simplify the online quote process. Based on specific insight gained from their agent customers, ICAT underwriters are now able to identify when and...