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Mobile Apps are Key to eCommerce Tips from Moxie
Why eCommerce Brands Must Focus on Mobile App (Re)engagement

As technological capabilities improve, our phones are taking center stage in more sectors of our lives.  It seems we can do just about anything from a smartphone these days: order food and drink, arrange transportation and accommodation, get directions, chat, date. For many of us,...

moxie black friday surge
Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016: Inside the Numbers

The stretch from Black Friday through Cyber Monday is to online retailers as the Super Bowl is to football. If you’re in eCommerce, this is what you live for. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not only synonymous with the holidays; they have essentially become...

Pain Point Pt.1
From Inconvenience to Opportunity: Moxie’s Customer Pain Point Series Pt. 1

Moxie recently sat down with representatives from some of the most recognizable luxury brands on the planet to conduct a retail-focused discussion on the online buying journey. Alongside them sat some of the most trusted national brands from supermarkets, fast food restaurants and commodity stores. What...

Customer Experience Hurdles
Don’t Interrupt Me! A Roadmap to the Customer Journey

The industry term is 'customer journey'. As a consumer, we don't consciously think of it like that, but it's how we behave. The sentiment of the journey is inherent in our actions and expectations. We have a destination (intention) in mind; whether it is shopping...

Weddings are big business for online retailers
Wedding Season: Is Your Online Experience Worthy of Love?

Weddings happen year-round, and autumn weddings are on the rise, but summer is still the perennial “wedding season.” And right in line with just about everything else, wedding shopping is becoming an increasingly online affair. In June 2016, eBay reported a 33 percent uptick in searches...

Getting started with digital engagement with Moxie
Digital Engagement – How do you get started (Part III)

Okay, so you’ve got your mindset right, and you understand customers need different engagements personalized for where they are in the journey. Next, How do you actually decide where on the site you should be engaging your customers? The best thing to do is to...