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Get started with digital engagement
Digital Engagement – How do you get started? (Part II)

Last week, I discussed having the right mindset when it comes to deploying a digital engagement solution. In this blog, let’s explore how best to do “active contextual engagement.” There is a strategic and a tactical concept. Strategically, the first thing is to realize that customers...

Digital Engagement Getting Started with Moxie
Digital Engagement – How do you get started? (Part I)

You just purchased a brand new, shiny, modern digital engagement solution and you’re excited to get chatting with customers. However, as you went through the evaluation process, you realized it’s not as simple as throwing a chat client on your site and walking away. In 2016,...

Customer Experience
Have you ever been your customer?

The three factors (in the image) are the key to a good customer experience, according to Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine’s ‘Outside In’ from Forrester Research, and I think the average consumer would tend to agree. Two of those factors are pretty subjective – beyond serving...

Total Economic Impact of Moxie Suite
The Total Economic Impact™ of the Moxie Suite

Online businesses across the globe face increasing pressure to stay competitive, meet their customers’ needs and drive online sales. While companies continue to spend millions each year driving traffic to their web and mobile sites, only 29% engage visitors once they arrive, giving the impression...

Omnichannel vs. Multichannel
Why Omni-channel Outdelivers Multi-channel

While many businesses focus on having multiple channels for their customer’s experience, few actually succeed in creating a seamless, integrated experience that drives their customers through the finish line. Multi-channel vs. Omni-channel So what is the difference? Multi-channel simply means having many different routes to achieve the...

Email Omni Channel
Effectively Manage Customer Emails

Customers expect timely and personalized attention from any device. Consider 71% of mobile purchasing decisions are most influenced by emails from companies (Adobe).  Companies and their CSRs must effectively manage their email traffic as part of a omni-channel engagement strategy. Nothing is more frustrating for a...

Moxie Knowledge Base Tips
Ensure Your Knowledge Base Helps Customers

Providing customers with a knowledge base should be a given, but another essential aspect is ensuring it effectively assists with their needs. Companies that haven’t reviewed the content of their knowledge base recently (or at all) could potentially lose customers simply due to inadequate or...

Why Customer Engagement Matters
Why Customer Engagement Matters

Online commerce is fast changing as more and more consumers choose to interact with brands online and on mobile devices. According to PWC, 54% consumers buy products online weekly or monthly. On top of this, consumer expectations are high. If they can’t find what they...

eCommerce Engagement Context Matters
Why Context Matters in eCommerce

Conversations with eCommerce experts inevitably touch on several buzzwords that have long been the cornerstone for increasing brand loyalty and conversion rates: “Personalization”, “Relevance”, and “Context”. It’s very easy to conflate the concepts that each of these terms represent because they are, in fact, very...

Valentines Commerce
Capitalize on Valentine’s Day Commerce
The most romantic day of the year is almost here! Valentine’s Day is a popular ecommerce holiday when global retailers cash in on the power of love to bring in more revenue every year. This Valentine’s Day, smartphone and tablets will account for 28 percent of sales for products in categories traditionally associated with the holiday, according to Criteo. Last year, Americans spent $126 on Valentine’s Day per person, roughly $17 billion in total, 1/5 of which was spent online. This number is expected to rise considerably this year. (RetailWeek)