End Customer Struggle with Moxie Concierge
End Customer Struggle with Digital Guidance

goMoxie can help you ‘be there’ for your customers with digital guidance. Failed promo codes, login and password errors, and confusion on form completions are reasons only 1-3% of online customers actually convert. That means over 4 trillion dollars are lost annually on abandoned orders. Tweet...

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016: Inside the Numbers

The stretch from Black Friday through Cyber Monday is to online retailers as the Super Bowl is to football. If you’re in eCommerce, this is what you live for. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not only synonymous with the holidays; they have essentially become...

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Successful Digital Engagement: A Must for the Travel Industry
Digital Traveler Graphic Today’s consumer expects to be able to do more and more activities on their mobile device, ranging from banking and shopping to ordering meals. That’s not all… a recent study found consumers also want the ability to book travel plans from their smartphone or tablet. Delivering that requires proactive engagement and assistance to ensure a successful customer experience. Harris Poll conducted an online study in December 2014 on behalf of goMoxie and surveyed more than 2,000 online U.S. adults about their actions, attitudes, and opinions. For instance, the study shows that 70 percent of Americans who booked travel online in the past 12 months believe that having the option to connect with a company representative via live chat would be more personal and effective when trying to complete a travel specific task.
Holiday Shopping 2014
Holiday Shopping Season 2014: New Study Reveals Online Shoppers Would Spend More if Brands Proactively Engage with Them recently released its 2014 online holiday sales forecast, "expecting sales in November and December to grow between 8 – 11 percent over last holiday season to as much as $105 billion." With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just days away, marking the official beginning of the 2014 holiday shopping frenzy, goMoxie today announced the results of a new study revealing that the number one reason why some consumers avoid online shopping is the lack of in-person assistance and proactive engagement from brands.
Raising the Bar: Ensuring a Successful Customer Experience
Tomorrow, October 7th, customer experience (CX) professionals worldwide are gearing up to take part in the second CX Day with local gatherings and online events. The CX Day, as defined by the Customer Experience Professionals Association, “Celebrates the rising importance of customer experience to companies, by highlighting the efforts of all customer experience professionals to raise the bar for achievement and innovation in the CX field.”
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The Customer Experience in the Collaborative Economy Era
Have no doubt that the Collaborative Economy is here to stay. Most of us have heard about the Collaborative Economy and are familiar with the concept that customers increasingly prefer to share products with each other instead of buying them. What most people don’t realize is that the Collaborative Economy is worth $26 billion. Altimeter Group analyst, Jeremiah Owyang, has developed great research aimed at understanding this market and its key players. Jeremiah defines the Collaborative Economy as the next phase of social business, and specifically says:
Social technologies radically disrupted communications, marketing, and customer care…. Beyond business functions, the Collaborative Economy impacts core business models.”
Propelled by social and mobile technologies and associated with consumers' desire for better customer experience, the Collaborative Economy is challenging many companies in various industry segments to rethink their strategies. Customers expect companies to support new channels of communication that meet them where they are, providing the right information — in real-time.
Knowledge Management Nirvana
Is Knowledge Management Making a Come Back?

As enterprises become more collaborative and thrive to better connect their internal (employees) and external (partners and customers) worlds, a well-established technology is back in the spotlight — Knowledge Management. With so many hot technologies in the marketplace ranging from cloud to social to mobile,...

Drive your CRM plan
Five Questions that Should Drive Your CRM Plan (and More)!
Forrester has recently released the findings of its study – “Navigate the Future of CRM,” which discusses key steps for a successful CRM implementation. The data is comprehensive, but there are a couple of complementary points that I would like to emphasize for those who contribute and drive CRM strategies in their organizations:
  • As you build out your CRM plan, consider the customer experience (this sounds very basic, right? You will be surprised how many organizations completely miss this point). Look beyond the tactical execution, and consider the quality of interaction from a customer and an employee’s perspective. These interactions include from self-service to live assisted service, supporting preferred channel(s) for your customers. Consider getting the quality interaction tools to across multiple communication channels.
  • Keep in mind that a key ingredient to delivering a high-quality customer experience is the ability to provide good information. Often, the information is found in a myriad of systems. By enabling simple, lightweight integrations that automate workflow for employees, companies will allow customer service representatives to provide quality interactions with their customers by accessing current information about them.
  • Also, take into account that employees require the right tools to provide great customer support. CRM tools are often not something an employee uses in their everyday work process. To get the true voice of the customer, ensure that the all employees have tools to provide customer-focused details. By giving the frontline customer service simple access to the experts inside an organization, it drives them additional resources to answer the customers’ requests accurately and timely.