14 Mobile Engagement Strategy Recommendations from Moxie
14 Strategy Recommendations for Mobile Customer Engagement

The importance of mobile customer engagement for eCommerce brands is clear. Low mobile conversion rates reflect an increasingly fragmented customer journey through desktop web, mobile web, and mobile apps, leaving more opportunities for potential customers to abandon their journey with you altogether. Engagements can grab...

Moxie Retail Benchmarks Infographic
Infographic: Impact of goMoxie Suite on Retail Benchmarks

What retail benchmarks are you most looking to improve on your eCommerce site? Proactive, contextual customer engagement can help with important metrics such as Revenue Per Visit (RPV) and Average Order Value (AOV), as well as decrease support costs. Check out this infographic from goMoxie Insights...

Mobile Apps are Key to eCommerce Tips from Moxie
Why eCommerce Brands Must Focus on Mobile App (Re)engagement

As technological capabilities improve, our phones are taking center stage in more sectors of our lives.  It seems we can do just about anything from a smartphone these days: order food and drink, arrange transportation and accommodation, get directions, chat, date. For many of us,...

Mobile SDK Customer Engagement Moxie
Available Today: goMoxie Mobile Native SDK 2.2

We are happy to announce that the goMoxie Mobile Native SDK 2.2 is now available for both iOS and Android platforms. New capabilities include: Native On-Demand Knowledge – goMoxie customers can engage with mobile visitors using on-demand knowledge. This means visitors are able to search and read...

Serve Your Mobile Customers
Serve Your Customers In Their Mobile Moments to Drive Sales

Online commerce is about anticipating your customers’ intent in order to know what they need and create a flawless experience. But the days of the unconnected shopper in a mono-channel world are over. In the past few years, customers have made the mobile mind shift...

eCommerce Engagement Context Matters
Why Context Matters in eCommerce

Conversations with eCommerce experts inevitably touch on several buzzwords that have long been the cornerstone for increasing brand loyalty and conversion rates: “Personalization”, “Relevance”, and “Context”. It’s very easy to conflate the concepts that each of these terms represent because they are, in fact, very...

Engage Your Mobile App Users
Keeping Your Mobile App Users Engaged
In the United States, Android and iPhone users ages 18 and over spend 65 percent more time each month using apps than they did just two years ago. Mobile Apps present a unique opportunity for brands, and thus should not be treated as another version of the website. If conversion and monetization are your goals, then app “Stickiness” is key.
Changing eCommerce Landscape
Remain Competitive in a Changing Retail Landscape
Consumers’ shopping expectations, preferences, and behaviors continue to evolve due to new mobile technologies which make price and product information highly accessible. Consumers are more informed, more connected, and more demanding when they shop online.
Embrace Mobile’s Seismic Shift of Omnichannel Strategy
The E-commerce paradigm has undergone a significant shift, with the proliferation of shopping channels creating a more diffuse shopping experience. Mobile capabilities are at the center of this diffusion—their ubiquity creates new opportunities for online retailers to engage consumers. Mobile is a formidable channel, posting a year-over-year growth rate of approximately 50% compared to 10% growth for desktop-based e-commerce.