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7 Ways Mobile Devices Changed eCommerce
In the earliest days of the commercialized, advertising-soaked Internet, people had to make do using their desktops and laptops to search for companies, products, and services. Now mobile devices have such tremendous market penetration, companies should consider how smartphones and tablets have changed the way consumers use the Internet.
Mobile, Mobile Everywhere: Mobile Optimize Your Travel Site ASAP
Research shows 30 percent of website users abandon an online purchase if the shopping cart isn't mobile optimized, research shows. For travel businesses, users are increasingly browsing for everything from airline tickets to packaged tours on the go. They want the ability to research and book from any device, mobile included. If you don't start optimizing your travel site for mobile, you stand to lose customers to your competitors who are already doing so.
5 Simple Changes to Increase Your Conversion Rates
In many cases, getting customers to visit your website is not the hard part—it is getting them to make a purchase, sign up for a mailing list, or commit to using your service. Conversion is the challenge. While every company has different obstacles standing in their way, and may obtain conversions a little differently, here are five simple changes you can make immediately that will improve your conversion rate—both online and through your mobile platform:
Round up: 2015 Trends in Customer Engagement, eCommerce and Mobile Commerce
customer-engagement-trends Leading analyst firms as well as independent experts have been working in the past weeks to identify some of the key trends for 2015 as it relates to how companies can better engage, inspire and influence consumers to trust and prefer their brands. These experts discuss many trends, but among them one rises as a common theme: consumers expect brands to deliver pain-free, consistent interactions across devices and channels throughout the entire digital journey, especially as they continue embracing ecommerce and adopting mobile technologies. Here are 2015 trends outlined by The 56 Group, Gartner, eConsultancy, Constellation Research and Forrester:
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Holiday Travel: Engaging Customers on Mobile Devices for a Hassle-Free Travel Experience
mobile travel The busiest travel season of the year is upon us. The Airlines for America (A4A), an organization that includes some of largest US carries, expects that “45 million people will fly over the holiday period – from December 17 through January 4, a two percent increase from the same period last year.” Anyone traveling around these dates knows that the experience can be chaotic from hard-to-navigate online tools to booking travel and hotel accommodations to the long lines at the airports, to delayed flights and oversold hotels. The travel industry has been making investments in technology to improve passengers’ experiences, but there is a lot more that needs to be done, especially to support mobile devices. A report from Business Insider discussing the investments of the travel industry on mobile technologies found that while “there's plenty of innovation underway, there's still a gap in terms of what customers would like to see on mobile, and the services that they're actually receiving. This gap is leading to lost sales and lost opportunities. For example, two-thirds or more of travelers in major markets said they'd be more likely to book trips on mobile if apps and sites were easier to use.”