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Serve Your Mobile Customers
Serve Your Customers In Their Mobile Moments to Drive Sales

Online commerce is about anticipating your customers’ intent in order to know what they need and create a flawless experience. But the days of the unconnected shopper in a mono-channel world are over. In the past few years, customers have made the mobile mind shift...

Bad Live Chat or No Live Chat
Is bad chat better than no chat?

Whatever our professional role, we’re all consumers too, so it’s often interesting to experience the results of customer facing technology from the other side of the fence. Recently, I was setting up a delivery account with a household name UK supermarket and had a question to...

Email Omni Channel
Effectively Manage Customer Emails

Customers expect timely and personalized attention from any device. Consider 71% of mobile purchasing decisions are most influenced by emails from companies (Adobe).  Companies and their CSRs must effectively manage their email traffic as part of a omni-channel engagement strategy. Nothing is more frustrating for a...

Moxie Omni-channel Solution
Building a Better Omni-Channel Experience

Retail businesses that don’t offer a seamless omni-channel experience to today’s consumer are missing out on everything: revenue, conversions, customer loyalty…just to name a few. Why? According to research, 90 percent of all shopping cart abandonments happen because customers feel they don’t have enough information. An...