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CONTEXT is the only digital guidance tool designed to anticipate a user’s needs and provide immediate resolution with targeted, timely, and relevant information.

Utilizing patented goMoxie technology, CONTEXT empowers administrators to identify the point of struggle, deploy customer engagements, measure impact, and calibrate for optimal results using sophisticated analytics independent of IT support.

How it Works

The Process is Simple:

Define areas of struggle


Powerful intelligent decisioning technology within goMoxie identifies pain points from your goMoxie chat data and suggest smart mitigations based on your users’ unique behavior.

Create proactive solution


With access to the easy-to-use goMoxie Engagement Mapper, administrators can simply and quickly add CONTEXT to areas of struggle.

Monitor results & maximize impact


Use goMoxie’s analytics dashboard to view results and reports in real time then adjust engagements to maximize impact.


Contextual Guidance

The fastest way to win both a single sale and brand loyalty is to engage the customer at hand with a thoughtful, well-executed experience.

CONTEXT identifies struggling customers and proactively offers useful snippets of information without human assistance. As CONTEXT deploys, targeted text, audio, or video content gently guides customers toward completion and conversion.

Easy Implementation and Management

CONTEXT is designed for business users to easily create and maintain engagements. It is the simple, affordable solution to many of the most common challenges in eCommerce.

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Mobile Guidance

Reaching your customers on the go has never been easier. CONTEXT functions across iOS and Android devices, guaranteeing you will never miss another conversion opportunity from mobile incompatibility or general inconvenience.

customer contact deflection

Contact Deflection

Deflect up to 50% of contact types (phone, email and chat) by proactively guiding customers to address common questions quickly and effectively.

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Guidance Feedback

Collect ratings and comments from your customers. Robust reporting helps you optimize content and eliminate performance guesswork.

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CONTEXT Resources


Learn How Boscov’s Reshaped their Digital Commerce Experience. Boscov’s eCommerce team partnered with goMoxie to remove barriers in the online customer journey with a blend of innovative digital guidance and assisted channels that have increased sales and productivity.

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