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Engaging customers across the buying cycle to reduce abandonment, increase sales, and decrease repetitive chats

Boscov’s realized customers accessed chat for topics that could be more efficiently handled without human assistance.

Business Challenge

Boscov’s previously used a chat-only solution, but the company realized customers accessed chat for topics that could be more efficiently handled without human assistance. Boscov’s wanted a solution that would guide customers through their journey and reduce contact volume, especially for simple questions. The company also wanted to integrate self service, chat, and email to improve sales and improve the overall customer experience.


Boscov’s deployed the goMoxie Suite (formerly Concierge) digital engagement suite – including Email, Live Chat, and CONTEXT (formerly Kbot) applications. Business users identified struggle points and mapped them to digital engagements to guide customers through the purchase journey, independent of IT resources. Proactive, automated engagements took pressure off chat and phone agents, letting them focus on high-value engagements.


After 4 months, CONTEXT delivered:

More revenue through CONTEXT than chat0%
Reduction in chat volume0%
Digital engagements through CONTEXT0%
Four months after deploying goMoxie CONTEXT, the company saw a 50% reduction in chat volume, and a 10% reduction in phone volume, all while growing the business. The vast majority of digital engagements are now automated, and customers can still escalate to agents for more complex issues.
Boscov’s Department Stores

The Moxie Difference

The Business Challenge

Boscov’s Department Stores is a century-old retail chain with more than 50 locations on the U.S. East Coast. The company had been offering digital engagement on its eCommerce website through the use of live chat and phone support. But, after reviewing chat and phone transcripts, the company noticed that a large share of the questions agents received were for common and repetitive issues, such as login errors and failed coupon codes. These potentially sales-killing struggles were usually simple to resolve and did not require agents to do so.

Even though the answers to common customer questions could be found in Boscov’s online FAQs, many customers were not making use of the FAQs, choosing to initiate a phone or chat session rather than self-serve.

The company also was shouldering increased costs as a result of misunderstandings by customers. In one example, customers misunderstood the quantity of an item they should order. In other cases, customers were not aware of special conditions during delivery that could prevent them from receiving their order.

With limited IT and agent resources, the company needed a more reliable, speedy way to solve these struggles.

Moxie’s Role

To offer more proactive engagement, Boscov’s deployed the goMoxie’s CONTEXT application, which offers targeted engagements to customers based on their behavior on the site.

Boscov’s relied on the voice of their customers to identify common struggle points where engagement could be improved. The company examined chat transcripts, talked with the fulfillment team, and analyzed Bizrate surveys to see where engagement could help the most.

All engagements were crafted by non-technical users without any IT involvement. Engagements through CONTEXT application could be defined, written, tested, and deployed within a matter of minutes.

In addition to engaging customers at struggle points, the company used CONTEXT’s flexible engagement rules to guide customers across all stages of the buying journey – Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Service.

Here are examples of how Boscov’s used CONTEXT engagement to help resolve customer struggles and improve other key eCommerce metrics.


  • Customers leaving the Boscov’s home page are now met with a friendly, non-intrusive welcome message.


  • To avoid inconvenience, delivery details are offered at a key point of struggle.


  • CONTEXT engagement offers assistance for complex orders requiring multiple pieces to complete a set.
  • Customers struggling to pick an item are offered assistance based on time on page.


  • Customers are engaged with upsell offers for new products.
  • Failed coupon codes are met with automatic assistance to save the sale.
  • Customers are prompted to resolve login issues without human assistance.

The Results

After 4 months of deployment, the impact of goMoxie’s CONTEXT is clear. Live chat inquiry volume has been reduced by 50%, and phone call volume has dropped 10%. Meanwhile, the quality of chat sessions has improved, since agents can spend more time on complex and high-value issues.


Reduction in Chat Volume


Engagements Through CONTEXT


More Revenue Through CONTEXT than Chat

Now, 89% of the digital engagements on Boscov’s website are delivered through CONTEXT. Total digital engagement revenue is up, and CONTEXT engagements drive 62% more revenue than live chat engagements. Even without using any agent resources, proactive contextual guidance is providing more value simply by being in the right place at the right time.

The 24/7 presence of goMoxie Suite contextual guidance at Boscov’s digital storefront has also reduced the proportion of customers leaving the site, with a 2% reduction in bounce rate year-over-year.

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