With Crate and Barrel’s mobile traffic increasing 30% year-over-year, mobile was one of the company’s most important considerations when selecting a multichannel engagement solution.

Crate and Barrel

AOV increases by over 135% when customers engage online

Business Challenge

Crate and Barrel wanted to build a competitive advantage and offer customers their channel of choice to improve customer experience, engagement, and acquisition across mobile, tablet, and desktop shoppers. It was critical the solution be easy to use and administer for the company’s business users.


Crate and Barrel implemented Moxie Concierge® for superior online experience and to engage customers within their choice of channels. Moxie Concierge provided a simple-to-use solution for the Crate and Barrel team as well as one that engaged their digital customers.


Moxie Concierge has contributed to significant business results:

Increase in customer interaction with proactive engagement0%
Increase in Average Order Value0%
Moxie Concierge allows us to assist our customers on their preferred channel and device. Increasing customer engagement through the Concierge solution improves revenue, average order value, and customer satisfaction. - Joan King, Vice President of eCommerce for Crate and Barrel

The Moxie Difference

The Business Challenge

Crate and Barrel, founded in 1962, is an industry-leading home furnishings specialty retailer. With a large online customer base, Crate and Barrel saw an opportunity to improve its online customer experience by leveraging best-in-class digital engagement technology. With ever changing customer expectations and behaviors, and a 30% year-over-year increase in mobile traffic, Crate and Barrel realized that a new digital tipping point had arrived. Like other organizations, the company needed to find new ways to engage with its customers. A market-leading digital engagement solution was required to meet this challenge and offer digital channels to Crate and Barrel’s customers anytime, anywhere.

Moxie Digital Engagement Solution

After extensive vendor evaluations, Crate and Barrel selected and implemented Moxie Concierge – specifically using the live chat and email management solutions. Moxie was able to demonstrate how Crate and Barrel could improve the customer experience with engagement while increasing revenue and productivity. Moxie Concierge also offers a scalable suite of products to meet future business needs.

Going Mobile

With Crate and Barrel’s mobile traffic increasing 30% year-over-year, mobile was one of the company’s most important considerations when selecting a multichannel engagement solution. Moxie’s mobile solutions are optimized across devices and resolutions.

The Results

The Concierge application increased revenue and average order value, enhanced the customer experience and lowered costs significantly. Customers are now able to engage with Crate and Barrel via their channel of choice. Digital channels are used to help shoppers select the right products, complete orders, or process payment transactions in a PCI-compliant environment. This drives more engagement opportunities and has contributed to a 3x increase in conversion rate.


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in customer interaction with proactive engagement


More cost-effective than phone channel


Customer satisfaction rate

Crate and Barrel reports that the customers who engage via live chat have a 135% increase in AOV over those who do not. When a customer engages on chat, the ability for a sales agent to upsell or cross-sell while taking that customer across the finish line, contributes to increased revenue. Moreover, with Moxie Concierge’s proactive rules platform, Crate and Barrel has achieved a 30% increase in customer engagement.

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