Digital UK

Digital UK

Efficiently delivering the right information during the UK’s switchover to digital television.

Business Challenge

Digital UK needed to deliver key messages to agents and communicate with UK residents during the Digital Switchover programme.


Digital UK implemented Moxie Knowledge, Live Chat, and Email to distribute information quickly and easily, offer a powerful self-service portal to the UK residents, and train the event-based agents rapidly during a switchover event.


  • 95% of the customer inquiries resolved using Moxie Knowledge
  • Enhanced agent productivity with an integrated environment: Live chat, email, and knowledgebase
  • Average 80% customer interactions rated as Good or Excellent
  • Reduced costs by deploying cost-effective customer communication channels

Moxie has provided the flexibility and resilience we need to support our team during the Digital TV switchover.”- Lorraine Curtin, Head of Contact Centre, Digital UK

Digital UK is a not-for-profit company leading the UK’s switchover to digital television. The company provides information on what people need to do to prepare for the switch to digital, and when they need to do it.

The Moxie Difference

The Business Challenge

The whole of UK is undergoing one of the biggest change programmes in the country’s broadcasting history––Digital Switchover––the process of converting UK’s terrestrial television system to digital. To lead the switchover, taking place between 2008 and 2012, Digital UK was set up by public broadcasters at the request of the Government.

Digital UK’s role is to communicate information pertaining to the switchover to the local residents, region by region and ensure that they have the required information to prepare for the switchover via the resident’s channel of choice––chat, email, phone, or self-service. Multiple levels of communication were required as Digital UK was catering to a large population; while some tech-savvy customers would like to find answers themselves, some would be comfortable sending an email, and others would prefer to reach out via the phone. For a smooth switchover, Digital UK was looking for the right solution to meet their needs:

  • Distribute Information Quickly and Easily
  • Offer Powerful Self-Service
  • Rapid Agent Onboarding

Finding and Implementing the Right Solution

Moxie was introduced to Digital UK by a leading provider of software and solutions in the UK. Digital UK started with some basic requirements for a knowledge repository reflecting the needs of the programme at that time; however, the requirements evolved in response to consumers’ needs. “The knowledge base, powered by [Moxie Knowledge], served as the centralised knowledge repository and helped us deliver information in a consistent and unified manner. Developed as a result of strategic requirements and questions raised by consumers, the knowledge base now holds hundreds of FAQs and is deployed for both internal and external use—internally used by support agents and externally by the residents,” shares Lorraine Curtin, Head of Contact Centre, Digital UK.

In 2010, Digital UK created KB Lite, a lite touch version of the existing knowledge base that streamlined the call flow and supported the large volume of new agents. These agents needed to help 10.5 million viewers through switchover in 2011 and an additional 4 million London residents switching in 2012. As the national rollout of the switchover continued, Digital UK had to significantly increase advisor support. Moxie was successfully able to underpin this rapid increase by deploying multiple portals, allowing support agents to manipulate the articles on the full knowledge base service.

Along with Moxie Knowledge, Digital UK also implemented Moxie Email and Live Chat. Web chat is enabled at the time of switchover in each region and has helped hundreds of residents during the London switchover in April 2012.

For software solutions, resilience at peak times is critical. We have a core team of 45 agents, but our teams go from small to large and very large from time to time. At our busiest, we have had 700 agents across 6 different sites, providing switchover advice to consumers, using Moxie’s tools.” – Lorraine Curtin, Head of Contact Centre, Digital UK

The Results

Since 2006, Moxie has helped Digital UK’s agents successfully resolve millions of queries that UK residents had about the Digital Switchover process. “For software solutions, resilience at peak times is critical. We have a core team of 45 agents, but our teams go from small to large and very large from time to time. At our busiest, we have had 700 agents across 6 different sites, providing switchover advice to consumers, using Moxie’s tools,” notes Ms. Curtin.

As one of the most preferred channels, Digital UK’s knowledge base has served over 8 million requests, internally and externally, and agents use it on 95% of the customer calls. Agents have responded to approximately 50,000 emails and 26,000 chat requests as of Q2 2012.

The results are impressive, and Digital UK is receiving excellent customer feedback. Their quarterly customer survey report shows that on an average 80% of customer interactions have been rated as Good or Excellent. “Our agents across different sites, especially the event-based agents, were very complementary of Moxie Knowledge. With just two days of training, the agents were ready to respond to customer queries efficiently,” states Ms. Curtin. Moxie’s integrated agent interface allows agents to access email, chat, and knowledgebase from a single workspace, leading to enhanced agent productivity and efficiency.

Digital UK is also realizing significant cost savings by deploying more cost-efficient channels: self-service, web chat, and email. More and more customers have started using the powerful knowledge base to get answers to their questions, reducing the number of incoming emails to just those with more specific queries. As a part of their survey, 3% of residents said they would have called if Web chat was not available.

With proven results from the digital switchover process, Digital UK is now looking forward to doing more with the solution.

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