Epson’s global organization boosts customer service efficiency by 30% and reduces service resolution cost by 38% with goMoxie

EPSON wanted to build competitive advantage through first-rate customer service and sought a multi-channel customer communication system to facilitate this service.

Business Challenge

EPSON wanted to build competitive advantage through first-rate customer service and sought a multi-channel customer communication system to facilitate this service.


EPSON deployed goMoxie to provide a unified view of all customer interactions and with integrated email and chat channels for superior online service.


goMoxie has contributed to significant business results:

Increase in efficiency0%
Reduction in cost of handling inquiries0%
Increase in online inquiries0%
We chose goMoxie as they were able to demonstrate how we could improve customer satisfaction and retention while increasing revenues and agent productivity by using the goMoxie multi-channel customer support software...
Ian Bodsworth
Operations Manager, Epson

The goMoxie Difference

The Business Challenge

Service has been a key differentiator in the market for some time now, any business needs to balance this with the costs associated with delivering high quality service. “We looked at what our competitors were doing and what our own targets were and decided to go a step further,” said Ian Bodsworth, Operations Manager, EPSON Customer Interaction Centre. “We wanted to create a multi-channel communication facility that would enable us to better interact with our customers.”

EPSON stipulated several prerequisites that were essential to the success of its multichannel communication solution, such as:

  • An easy to use system, which was customer and agent friendly
  • Complete histories of all previous customer interactions to facilitate personal and accurate customer service
  • Integrated email and chat facilities for enhanced online service
  • A future proof solution, which could be rolled out to additional countries, or provide new services or channels as and when required
  • The ability to consolidate its existing knowledge databases and host the solution on a single system in its central data centre


“We reviewed a wide range of multi-channel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. We chose [goMoxie] as they were able to demonstrate how we could improve customer satisfaction and retention while increasing revenues and agent productivity by using goMoxie’s chat and email solution,” said Bodsworth.

A three-month hosted trial was launched for email handling only. Implementation took goMoxie’s professional services team just three days and training was complete within a matter of hours. Once the system was live, EPSON surveyed 200 customers regarding its effectiveness—the result was overwhelmingly positive.

The Results

The success of the trial quickly led to a full multi-channel solution being deployed to service customers in the UK. The solution combined both chat and email in one easy-to-use system. EPSON continued to be impressed by the system and decided to expand the solution to support Germany. The Nordic Region was then added, followed by Spain. goMoxie™ extended the existing system by adding functionality such as language modules to allow agents to communicate with customers from a wide range of countries.

Using goMoxie™, every EPSON European contact centre now sees the entire interaction history of each customer via the system’s unified view, allowing customers to receive a personalized and informed service. By leveraging the chat functionality of the system, agents can push users to any page on EPSON’s e-Service Web site or other company’s Web sites such as Adobe, Nikon or Nokia. If the customer needs additional information, agents can initiate a co-browsing session, guiding the customer to the required information in real time. By saving the customer the trouble of typing in the Web address or searching for the right page, EPSON can reduce the time spent on each enquiry and avoid the customer having to make repeat visits to the site.

Using goMoxie’s cross-channel reporting solution, EPSON can set and monitor internal Service Level Agreements (SLA). This ensures customer service is maintained at the highest industry standards throughout Europe. Furthermore, by analyzing the information logged about the different types of enquiries being made, Epson can understand the issues their customers are facing and if required make amendments to the information supplied to customers via the web or in manuals etc, to prevent the problem occurring for future customers.

EPSON’s online enquiry service using goMoxie has been overwhelmingly popular with a dramatic 1,125 percent increase in online enquiries rising from 12,000 to 135,000. The success of the online service is a result of the improved accessibility of information and the speed of inquiry resolution over traditional channels, such as telephone and post. Customers can easily share diagnostic information with support staff via chat, enabling them to pinpoint and resolve issues more quickly and accurately, often in one chat session. Online customer contact is then followed automatically with an e-mail containing the transcript of the session, allowing customers to refer to the support (and the links to the web pages pushed to them) at their convenience.


Customer service efficiency boost


Reduction in cost of each enquiry


Increase in online inquiries

As a result, EPSON has been able to boost customer service efficiency by 30 percent, even with the dramatic increase in demand, and reduce the cost of dealing with each enquiry by 38 percent. Not only can agents now answer questions accurately in one chat session, but the new system has also allowed them to be more productive, often handling three chat sessions at the same time.

Commenting on these results, Matthew Haines, European Managing Director at goMoxie said, “The implementation of real time customer service is essential. Industry leading customer service can only be achieved through the deployment of the correct technology, processes and people. EPSON is a prime example of what is achievable when this ideology is followed.”

EPSON is now planning to roll out the solution to additional European countries including France and Italy, and provide additional staff access to interactive service.

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