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Digital engagement drives 20% decrease in phone calls

Hawk Incentives needed a scalable and repeatable means of routing the most common customer struggles away from the costly phone and email support channels across its many websites.

Business Challenge

Receiving thousands of contact submissions per week and sometimes even as many as 10,000 in a single month, Hawk Incentives needed a scalable and repeatable means of routing the most common customer struggles away from the costly phone and email support channels across its many websites. While live chat and self-service help the company manage costs and customer experience, few users knew these channels existed, and fewer still were willing to use them without guidance.


Hawk Incentives integrated goMoxie’s CONTEXT (formerly Kbot) into its goMoxie Email and Live Chat platforms for a complete digital engagement suite. The suite now welcomes users the moment they enter a Hawk Incentives website, anticipating any struggles users may be experiencing and proactively guides them to the answers they’re looking for. Thanks to a business user-oriented design and out-of-the-box setup, the company is able to set engagement rules and seamlessly carry them over to their various websites.

The ability to map items on a webpage makes it easy for us to set engagement rules and better serve our customers. With goMoxie, we can create an element on a website, and then apply it to multiple websites, with each site taking just 10-20 minutes total to go live.
Marta Merlino-Calvert
CX, Hawk Incentives

The goMoxie Difference

The Business Challenge

Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc. is a leader in prepaid cards, gift cards, and incentives, bringing consumers closer to the brands they love and deepening the connection between employees and employers. Led by Hawk Incentives and composed of several acquired providers in the payments industry, Blackhawk fields a high volume of phone calls and emails for consumer rebates. With no way to deflect inquiries to a more scalable solution, agents were being bogged down by frequently asked questions that can be answered faster and more efficiently through live chat or self-service – if only customers knew of and how to use these options.

goMoxie Suite (formerly Concierge)

After analyzing contact data and identifying the most common inquiries, Hawk Incentives implemented goMoxie Suite (formerly Concierge) to round out its Email and Live Chat features, which they had previously chosen goMoxie to fulfill. Now, when visitors arrive at any Blackhawk Network website, they are greeted with a message encouraging them to “tap the bell” in the bottom right corner if they need assistance at any time.

goMoxie Suite is an instant outlet to sortable FAQs, snippets of useful information, and Live Chat, all of which are more convenient for the customer and more cost-effective for the company. goMoxie Suite also delivers guidance for accessing rebate status, wait time, and processing information without any human involvement.

Digital Guidance

CONTEXT, the automated yet intelligent component of goMoxie Suite that minimizes the human assistance needed to serve customers, enables Hawk Incentives to reduce both bounce rates and contact submissions simultaneously by telling visitors what they need to know before they ever have to ask. CONTEXT functions in the same window as goMoxie Suite, and proactively answers questions based on mapped engagements. Meanwhile, agents are able to tend to escalated inquiries that truly require their assistance. It’s human intelligence, automated assistance, and customer experience in perfect harmony.

Turnkey Integration

goMoxie Suite gives business users the ability to envision and execute the ideal customer experience. Without the need for IT involvement, Hawk Incentives implemented goMoxie Suite on 16 of its websites within 90 days, and a total of 28 websites over the course of 6 months. The setup itself takes as little as 10 minutes per site.

The Results

Having already notched a 20 percent decrease in phone engagements, the Blackhawk Network is continuing to refine its engagement functions while adding goMoxie Suite with CONTEXT to additional websites.


Decrease in phone engagements


Sites live in 6 months

Blackhawk agents are more productive, customers are better served and stakeholders are able to deliver on the company’s mission of delivering incentives programs that build relationships.

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