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Email customer service is sailing for P&O Ferries after using Moxie

P&O Ferries needed an effective and efficient way to handle incoming emails, particularly as this remained the communication channel of choice for its customers.

Business Challenge

P&O Ferries has a small team dedicated to email customer service. However, agents were receiving up to 7,000 emails per month and its limited email system meant employees were struggling to provide quick, accurate, and personalized responses.


P&O Ferries selected goMoxie Email to enable its agents to provide personalized, accurate, and rapid responses to incoming emails.


goMoxie has contributed to significant business results:

Reduction in average email handling time0%
Reduction in email response time0%
Ability to manage more emails without increasing agent headcount0%
goMoxie Email is an intuitive, easy-to-use, feature rich solution that is enabling P&O Ferries to deliver an exceptional level of email customer service while improving agent productivity.
Mike Webb
Passenger Services Manager, P&O Ferries

The goMoxie Difference

The Business Challenge

P&O Ferries is UK’s largest ferry operator with a fleet of more than 20 ships, which carries approximately ten million passengers a year. The company has an eight-person team dedicated solely to managing customer emails, which runs in parallel with the P&O Ferries contact centre that handles incoming telephone enquiries.

The email support team was receiving up to 7,000 incoming customer enquiries every month. However, the limitations of the company’s Microsoft Outlook system were negatively impacting email response times, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction. “We were taking too long to respond to emails and answers were inconsistent across our team. Customer frustration was high and this often led them to send another email, which only exacerbated the situation,” said Mike Webb, Passenger Services Manager, P&O Ferries. “We needed an effective and efficient way to handle incoming emails, particularly as this was fast becoming the communication channel of choice for our customers.”


P&O Ferries needed a solution that would deliver the following:

  • Routing rules and prepared responses to speed up response times and ensure accurate and consistent replies
  • Easy-to-use interface to minimise agent training
  • Comprehensive reporting to analyse the effectiveness of email customer service and inform future developments
  • Integration with existing customer relationship management system to provide real-time view of interaction history
  • Moxie Email was implemented in the P&O Ferries email customer service team and delivered as a hosted, web-based solution.

Average email processing times have halved and we are handling 40% more emails without adding to our team.
Mike Webb
Passenger Services Manager, P&O Ferries

The Results

Rapid and personalized customer service. goMoxie Email has enabled P&O Ferries to dramatically improve the level of service delivered to customers via email. Mike Webb explains: “[goMoxie Email] provides a range of agent productivity features to ensure all our email responses are fast, accurate, and consistent. Handling times have reduced significantly by using intelligent rules to ensure emails are automatically sent to working agents, while a searchable library of pre-written responses means we can quickly and easily find the right information.”

In addition, integration with the P&O Ferries’ CRM system provides agents with a complete view of all customer interaction history via a single agent interface, ensuring agents can provide a highly personalised customer experience. On average, email response times have reduced by 60% with the overall handling time per email halved. Agent productivity has also increased, enabling P&O Ferries to cope with a 40% increase in incoming emails—as many as 10,000 per month—without adding to agent headcount.

A more productive, streamlined approach. goMoxie Email has been positively received within P&O Ferries’ email customer service team. “The new email management system is very simple to use and gives our agents ability and confidence to cope effectively with the increasing number of emails we are receiving. We actively encourage our agents to suggest new email templates or pre-written responses, which has ensured buy-in across the team,” comments Webb. goMoxie Email’s comprehensive reporting features are also enabling P&O Ferries’ management team to continuously review its email customer service, measure agent performance, and identify areas for improvement, to further enhance the customer experience. Webb concludes: “[goMoxie Email] has dramatically streamlined our email customer service and is delivering a number of tangible benefits for our customers, employees, and to the wider business.”

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