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Delight Your Customers While Freeing Up Your Agents

Leveraging our powerful, world-class chat engine, Moxie’s platform integrates with chatbots and scales to provide the highest quality digital customer experience and support. We use your chat conversation data to help your chatbots get smarter, so you can improve your customer experience and increase agent productivity.


Chatbot Integration

Connect Seamlessly

Integrate one or many bot solutions to scale your delivery with Moxie’s world-class customer engagement platform.


Agent Intervention

Escalate to Live Chat

As necessary, quickly escalate the bot engagement to a live agent for seamless transition and maintain the great customer experience.


Moxie Analytics

Measure Effectiveness

Analyze and evaluate which types of inquiries are being handled by agents and which could be handled more efficiently by the chatbot.


Chatbot Performance

Fine Tune

Leveraging Moxie Analytics, continuously optimize your chatbot to increase capacity and efficiency, delivering a top-quality customer experience.

Leverage a World-Class Chat Platform

Why Integrate with Moxie?

For guided, personalized support, trust the digital engagement experts at Moxie to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Top-Quality Platform

Moxie’s world-class platform is a highly secure and reliable solution that has successfully handled millions of chats to date. Moxie hosts and manages the live chat platform, making chatbot integration seamless. Based on insights like user behavior and agent capacity, our platform can determine where certain inquiries should be routed for optimum customer satisfaction.

Moxie Chat Bot Integration Platform
Customize chat bot deployment
Customize & Deploy Your Chatbot

With chatbot integration, seamlessly launch your chatbots using our digital engagement platform designed for enterprise level companies. Using your desired chatbot systems, Moxie will support the development of your end-to-end solution. Enable your chatbots to run across all devices and channels.

Live Chat Escalation

Easily escalate your chatbot to transfer a conversation to a human agent when it is unable address the inquiry across web, mobile or social platforms, creating a positive engagement that boosts both conversion rates and brand loyalty.

Escalation from chat bot to live agent
Insights for Optimization

Moxie’s platform provides analytics on user behavior and chat performance, so you can update and fine-tune your chatbot to better support your customers. Continuously optimize your chatbot and live chat systems to improve the customer experience and increase your return on investment.

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