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As quickly as mobile became the preferred method of communication worldwide, it is fast becoming the number one means of overall engagement, superseding its once intended use as—what was it—a telephone?

With mobile devices in the hands of their on-the-go users at all times, reaching your customers has never been easier. Engaging them, however, has become a bit more complex. Moxie’s m.dot and in-app digital engagement tools aren’t just built with mobile in mind—they’re built specifically for mobile.

  • Eliminate Struggle

    Whether your customer chooses to engage with your brand in-store or online, the journey must be seamless. There is no quicker way to lose a sale, or an established customer, than to have a non-existent or poorly implemented mobile experience.

  • Increase Conversion

    Mobile eCommerce decisions are made quickly. Once your customer is on your site and interacting with your brand, the opportunity for conversion soars. Maximize this pivotal moment by providing a seamless mobile experience from start to finish.

  • Personalize Experience

    With Moxie’s mobile solutions, customers gain a level of personal service—a concierge, if you will—that until now could only be experienced in-store. Our intuitive knowledge platform anticipates customer needs before even your customer can.

  • Instant Solution

    Expectations for an immediate, comprehensive answer are sky-high in today’s digital world. Guide customers to an immediate solution where and when they need it, instead of stumbling over drawn-out explanations via phone or email.

Go Mobile, Go Moxie

Unparalleled support without boundaries


Moxie’s mobile solutions don’t just work with each of our digital engagement tools—they are optimized for each channel. From Live Chat to Contextual Information to Email Management, we’re there for you and your customers—anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Chat SDK

Provide on-demand support wherever, whenever it’s needed with Moxie’s mobile chat capabilities. Integrate a native chat client into your iOS or Android application to connect with customers in real-time, without forcing them to open a browser.

Mobile First Design

Configured for iOS and Android, Moxie’s market leading adaptive user experience for mobile devices requires no additional configuration and ensures a seamless process from landing through checkout.

Contextual Information

Gain a deeper understanding of how users interact with your brand while on the go, and utilize this intel to provide anticipatory support based on individual customer behavior.

Moxie Live Chat Software with Concierge
Brand Consistency

Moxie’s adaptive design platform enables customization of colors, icons, text, and more to align with website branding and promote consistency across digital engagement channels.

Enhance the Concierge Experience

The on-demand nature of a virtual concierge is replicated through Moxie’s digital engagement channels, and is exemplified most through mobile. Instead of tapping the bell for service...actually you can do that here. Or anywhere, really.

Email Communication

Email has become as much a mobile-first channel as SMS, and the expectation for a quick and relevant response is nearly as high. Moxie’s email management software is designed for a seamless, productive interaction between your on-the-go customer and at-the-ready agent.

See how easy it is to engage with our digital engagement channels via mobile. To get started, just tap the bell on the right.

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