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Strategic Technology Partner Program

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goMoxie commits customized, end-to-end resources to support each partner, including products, training, marketing, professional services, development support, and field sales engagement. Technology partners offer point and whole solutions to help ensure that goMoxie customers have seamless integration with the latest technologies. Together we will develop and implement joint marketing, sales and service strategies. Become a technology partner and add value to the goMoxie application suite.

Additional Opportunities to Partner with goMoxie

Marketing and Referral Partner Program

This single-level program is designed to recognize companies that continually refer qualified sales opportunities. We truly value our trusted relationships with organizations that can understand our offerings and match our products to the right customers.

Managed Service Provider Program

Managed Service Providers help implement, host, manage, deliver and support applications. These partners include Call Center Outsourcers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) that use goMoxie products to manage their customers’ multi-channel communication capability in conjunction with their managed services.

Embedded OEM Partner Program

Embedded OEM Partners are technology providers who customize a product package to integrate with and enhance their existing solutions, or create entirely new solutions using our technology.

Meet the goMoxie Strategic Technology Partners

goMoxie partners with leading technology providers to offer innovative solutions that integrate with goMoxie. Typical integration points are with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, helpdesk applications, and other collaborative products.

IBM Tealeaf

Integrating IBM’s Tealeaf with goMoxie’s Customer Engagement technology is an exciting way to use analytics and data from a variety of sources, and help customers move more rapidly through the buyer journey.

Historically, analytics solutions have largely focused on tracking and reporting – taking note and acting as the system of record, but largely staying away from action within the business of the site directly. In a Mobile First world, pressure is mounting for eBusinesses to provide a much more aware and contextual experience that anticipates customers’ needs. This means ensuring there are no obstacles to struggle over, and that the customer has all of the information they need at any given step in the process to move on to the next phase.

goMoxie and IBM are collaborating to deliver integrated solutions that get analytics off of the sidelines and into the game. Tealeaf is combining its data and forensic insights with goMoxie’s digital engagements platform in real-time, working to produce a more contextual digital experience that increases cart values, conversion rates, retention and loyalty.

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure platform in the cloud with coverage around the world. goMoxie leverages AWS to deliver our solutions successfully for businesses across all industries.

Glance Networks

Glance empowers companies to make business online easier and more personal through tightly integrated yet modular visual engagement solutions such as cobrowse, screen share, and agent video. Using visual engagement solutions, agents and customers can instantly share an online, real-time view to build rapport, confidence, and trust. Customer service, sales, and remote support employees can then effortlessly assist, guide, show, and collaborate with customers. Glance solutions integrate with a broad range of customer-facing platforms and tools to quickly provide an online connection that is secure and always works.


GeoFluent is an on-demand translation platform that integrates Lionbridge’s cloud-based language customization solutions with a statistical machine translation engine developed in IBM’s Watson Research Center.

GeoFluent for goMoxie is an integrated, real-time online engagement solution that allows agents to interact with users in multiple languages, in real time, within their existing goMoxie application.

As a result, organizations can facilitate shorter purchase times through proactive multilingual engagement, and reduce global support costs through effective online customer care.


Nuance offers advanced computing and linguistic virtual agent solutions that enable enterprises to assist their customers in an automated fashion, resulting in a superior user experience, greater customer satisfaction, and a reduction in the number of issues submitted to a company’s support/sales staff. With more than 12 million conversations per month among global clients such as eBay, SFR, H&R Block and L’Oreal, Nuance is the leading provider of virtual agents for the Fortune 1000.

goMoxie Live Chat and Knowledgebase both integrate with Nuance’s Virtual Agent to deliver a next-generation customer experience that includes transparent cross-channel interaction and a contextually appropriate engagement.

IBM Content Management and Discovery

IBM Content Management and Discovery software integrates and delivers critical business information that offers new business value, on demand. The software and solutions support multiple information types, such as images, documents, e-mail, Web content, e-records and multimedia, providing the appropriate content based on user intent and relevancy.

The IBM Content Management and Discovery portfolio is designed to help transform business with improved productivity and streamlined compliance. IBM WebSphere Content Discovery Server solutions provide a powerful set of capabilities that help organize business processes by getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time. By blending the IBM WebSphere Content Discovery Server into the goMoxie suite, users gain enhanced search, access and retrieval of contact center information, along with intelligent response capabilities. The end result is a consistent customer experience across all interaction channels, with time and money saved.


HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. The company’s offerings span IT infrastructure, global services, business and home computing, imaging and printing.

goMoxie Knowledgebase extends the capabilities of HP’s solutions by providing a knowledge content authoring and management platform that enables IT Helpdesk personnel to more efficiently and rapidly resolve problems while addressing questions with relevant and accurate answers.

SalesForce is the market and technology leader for on-demand customer relationship management (CRM). The company’s suite of on-demand applications enables customers to manage and share all of their sales, support, marketing and partner information seamlessly and effortlessly.

goMoxie’s configurable Knowledgebase product integrates with Salesforce’s technology to create a support center via a company’s customer service Web site. With keyword, natural language and Boolean searches, customers can find immediate answers to their questions. If information is not found, they can conveniently open a case in from the same portal, deflecting inbound calls to the contact center.

Antrix Techinfo

Antrix Techinfo partners with product companies who are either considering representation of their products and services in the Indian market or looking to build off-shore centers of excellence in India. Antrix offers tailored solutions that meet specific business requirements to provide high quality and cost effective operational support.

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