nGenera (Moxie Software) Announces nGen Collaboration Server™ for Taking Control of Collaboration

First cloud-based software for monitoring, aggregating, measuring and managing collaborative and social business activities wherever they occur

Austin, Texas – November 3, 2009 — Today at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, nGenera announced nGen Collaboration Server, the first cloud-based software that integrates with external collaborative media like Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™ and internal applications like Microsoft SharePoint™ and corporate email systems, to capture and log relevant communications and let companies take control of collaboration.

“Many companies are really struggling to maximize the business value of internal collaboration, while dealing with the impact that external social networks have on their brands,” said Steve Douty, EVP Products and Marketing at nGenera. “With nGen Collaboration Server they now have a single, central point for monitoring, aggregating, measuring, and managing collaborative activities happening both within their enterprise and externally.”

Even companies that have standardized on one of the major collaboration operating systems – like Microsoft SharePoint™ – frequently find themselves supporting multiple, disconnected instances of them, plus a myriad of scattered point solutions from smaller vendors. The nGen Collaboration Server is designed to sit at the center this heterogeneous environment and gather actionable intelligence and content.

“nGen Collaboration Server embraces and extends the value of platforms customers have already committed to. There are clear advantages to this approach as it will give you the agility you need to realize business value in today’s social economy,” said Jonathan Yarmis, Research Fellow at Ovum, the collaborative intelligence division of Datamonitor.

Top features and benefits:

  • Sophisticated “listeners” tell you what is being said. nGen Collaboration Server provides sophisticated “listener” technology that tunes into external or internal conversations by topic, keyphrase, product, individual, company, and many other criteria. Users can create as many listeners as they need and aggregate them into “meta listeners” to monitor specific categories. Listeners also monitor trends in velocity and sentiment. Email notifications are triggered when conditions or thresholds are detected enabling appropriate personnel to intervene in a timely manner.
  • Unique Social Metadata Services manage rich profiles, relationships and activities. Aggregated data from disparate sources are combined to identify expertise, create contextually relevant connections between people, recommend content and track activities across a variety of platforms and applications. This enables the system to automatically drive relevant and useful collaborative interactions.
  • Measurement of core collaboration key performance indicators.The key to a successful collaborative environment is participation – nGen Collaboration Server identifies the drivers of activity, which encourages the kind of behavior that promotes broad adoption and frequent contributions to the collaboration knowledge base.
  • Create and monitor explicit policies governing collaboration and social networking. nGen Collaboration Server monitors external and internal services, including outbound email, to detect non-compliant behavior and flags it for immediate attention. This functionality extends to external services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, enabling companies to orchestrate careful plans for leveraging these services.

The nGen Collaboration Server is currently available.

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