Talisma [Moxie] Email and Answer Product Combo Addresses Volume Email Challenges

Product Combo Improves Customer Response Times and Agent Productivity

Bellevue, WA – July 31, 2008 – Talisma® Corporation (www.talisma.com), an nGenera company and the leading Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software solution provider, today announced the combination of Talisma Email and Talisma Answer to address the market need for a solution that effectively manages and responds to high volumes of incoming email.  The combined products accelerate customer service responsiveness and allow agents to spend more time on complex or critical customer issues.

Forrester Research’s January 2008 report, Customer Service Best Practices Adoption, looked at customer service email response management. Fully 50% of those surveyed (58 business and IT decision makers) evaluate their ability to manage and respond to a high volume of incoming email as poor/below average. Fifty percent also give the same low evaluation to their practices pertaining to having emails processed by a business process engine to ensure routing, assignments, message analysis, entitlement checking, language identification, and parsing for junk emails. The report also stated that “inefficient email management processes are costly to the enterprise and risk customer dissatisfaction when responses to queries are not timely.”

“Talisma Email and Answer are deployed around the globe to expertly manage more than 200 million email responses per year. Customers using these products experience 99.99% uptime and improved response times by as much as 50%,” said Dan Vetras, President and CEO, Talisma Corporation, an nGenera Company. “Many automatically respond to 50% of incoming emails significantly increasing agent productivity and customer satisfaction.”

Talisma Email enables rapid and intelligent responses to email inquiries with sophisticated email routing, automated responses, and customer-specific auditing.  Emails are directed to the appropriate agent with intelligent routing rules, based on key criteria such as product/service categories, language, and keywords. Agent productivity is increased with automatic categorization, automated and suggested responses, managed escalations and numerous other features.

Talisma Answer further enhances and accelerates email response management using an intelligent system that filters incoming email and generates automated acknowledgements or responses. The system learns the meaning of a message based on its context and any previous agent responses to automatically create a relevant and accurate response to customer emails.

Epson, a global leader in imaging products, is using Talisma Email to support customers in every European region, covering 14 languages.  According to Ian Bodsworth, European Customer Interaction Manager, Talisma Email has helped Epson’s 200 agents to improve customer satisfaction, while increasing revenues and agent productivity:

“Since the implementation of Talisma Email we have seen a definite increase in customer retention allowing us to consolidate market share and target new customers.  Despite dramatic increases in demand for customer service, the Epson Customer Inter@ction Centre has achieved a 30% increase in efficiency and the overall cost of handling enquiries has been reduced by 38%.”