Moxie Software Adds Mobile and Rich Media Sharing Capabilities to Collaboration Spaces™

Moxie Advances Enterprise Social Software with New iPhone App, Recommendation Engine, Enhanced Search and More

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. May 23, 2011 – Moxie Software – the Social Workspace, today announced a new native iPhone application for its enterprise social software Employee Spaces™, which allows mobile users to connect, engage, share and collaborate anywhere and at anytime.  The company also announced the addition of rich video and media sharing capabilities, providing an unmatched user experience for organizations to easily share and collaborate using multiple video formats. These advances, along with a new robust recommendation engine and enhanced search capabilities deliver knowledge with speed and more accurately than any other enterprise social collaboration platform.

iPhone Application
The Employee Spaces™ iPhone App and a new mobile optimized browser for Blackberry and other devices provide users the same intuitive, enriched and personalized user experience and powerful collaboration capabilities that desktop users enjoy.  With the touch of a finger, users can distribute status updates (Micro-blogging), follow an activity stream and upload images, find and connect with people (phone, email, Skype), view and interact with groups or projects, all while searching for the right content.

“Users want anytime, anywhere access.  Smart phones will provide the key gateway for users to enter the enterprise,” said R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO of Constellation Research, Inc.  “The new iPhone application, extensive video support and recommendation engine are all key capabilities that dramatically enhance the personalization and mobility of enterprise social software.”

Rich Media
The new Employee Spaces™ video streaming capability supports the upload of more than 100 video formats, automatically transcoding them into MP4 file form for quick and easy incorporation into media galleries, blogs, wikis, discussion forums, Ideastorms and news headlines.  Converting videos to MP4 enables streamlined playback, while the original video format is preserved and available for download and distribution.

Recommendation Engine
The recommendation engine clearly displays the most relevant people, groups, projects and content for each user based on individual behavior and interests. Widespread adoption of enterprise social software typically results in the creation of a tremendous amount of content. The key to unlocking the value of this content is the discovery of information. The recommendation engine automatically brings valuable information to the surface as users view or search for other related information.

“The new enhancements of Employee Spaces™ further accelerates our ability to quickly train retail employees on new promotions,” said John Summers, VP of Retail Operations at Indigo Books & Music.  “The recommendation engine enables our store managers to quickly find content or people that are most relevant to them based on their behavior and interests, and we love leveraging the video capabilities for training.”

Enhanced Search
Enhanced search capabilities provide the ability to search for information across all types of content regardless of whether the information is within Employee Spaces™ or within an external application such as SharePoint. Search filters and tags can be used to narrow search results, using an easy-to-navigate user interface. People, groups, projects, blogs, activity streams, discussion groups, Ideastorms, etc. can now be easily searched and located.

Employee Spaces™ also provides a presence feature through its integration with Skype, enabling real-time availability and communication via Skype’s rich voice, chat and video capabilities. This connectivity with Skype provides additional collaborative support within Employee Spaces™ bringing together the entire ecosystem of workers to achieve better results faster.

“Converting information into knowledge is the lifeblood of social collaboration, and it’s an absolute business imperative that this transformation occur automatically and relentlessly  no matter where you are,” said Tom Kelly, CEO, Moxie Software.  “Whether you are at your desk or on the move, you can now take advantage of all the rich Web 2.0, social collaboration and knowledge sharing capabilities that Employee Spaces™ offers—powering your business to be smarter and more agile.”

About Moxie Software, Inc.

Moxie Software, the social workspace, enables companies to connect employees, customers and partners to engage in business, share knowledge and collaborate.

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