nGenera [Moxie Software] Appoints Former Siebel Executive, Ken Goldman, to its Board of Directors

Adds New Customers to its On Demand Solutions Platform; Announces 2009 Program Agendas

Austin, TX­­­ Jan. 21, 2009 – nGenera Corporation, maker of a unique platform of Enterprise 2.0 business solutions, today announced several key company developments: the appointment of former Siebel Systems executive, Ken Goldman, to its board of directors; the addition of new customers subscribing to its business solutions platform; and the introduction of its core 2009 Executive Development and Insight programs for Global 2000 customers.

“When we launched nGenera less than two years ago, our mission was to make Enterprise 2.0 real for large enterprises,” said Steve Papermaster, chairman and CEO of nGenera Corporation. “Despite the downturn, we are very pleased to see continued confidence in our business model, punctuated by an outstanding technology business executive like Ken Goldman joining our board of directors. We are also pleased with the market validation we are seeing of our unique combination of software, advisory services, and research-based insight. We believe now, more than ever, corporate leaders have begun to recognize the value of collaboration-based management.”

Ken Goldman Appointment to nGenera Board

Ken Goldman joins nGenera’s Board of Directors after more than 20 years of leadership in key financial, operational, and advisory roles for several leading software and internet companies. Through most of this decade, Goldman served as senior vice president, finance and administration, and chief financial officer of Siebel Systems, Inc., a supplier of customer software solutions and services, acquired by Oracle in 2006. Prior to that, Goldman was chief financial officer of Excite@Home Corporation and Sybase, Inc. He currently serves on the board of directors of BigBand Networks, Inc., Infinera, Inc., Starent Networks Corp. and several private companies. He is currently senior vice president and chief financial officer of Fortinet, Inc.

“I am delighted to join Steve Papermaster and my fellow nGenera board members, Mitchell Kertzman, Ren Riley and Warren Weiss,” said Goldman. “Having served as a senior executive for large, publicly traded enterprises, I can identify with many of nGenera’s customers. And, in my judgment, nGenera’s solutions are laser-focused on some of the greatest challenges top managers face today. In an era of doing more with less, it is essential that managers operate as a tightly-coupled, collaborative leadership team; respond to faster product cycles; and become more knowledgeable about their customers than ever before. These are all core capabilities of nGenera’s platform of business solutions and I am pleased to do my part to help the company accelerate adoption of its offerings.”

New Customers Adopt nGenera’s Platform-based Solutions

Closing the fourth quarter of 2008 and entering 2009, several new customers selected nGenera’s business solutions to redefine how they manage their relationships with customers and employees. These customers include Carnival Cruise Lines, eBay and Yahoo.

“While much has been written about the potential for social media, rich user interface applications, and the many other celebrated Web 2.0 features, most large enterprises have struggled to put these capabilities effectively to work inside their organizations,” said Steve Douty, executive vice president, platform and products. “We are convinced that nGenera has ‘cracked the code’ for them, by offering solutions that combine our original ‘over the horizon’ content, sophisticated advisory services and collaboration-based applications.”

2009 Executive Development and Insight Programs Agenda

Among the features that make nGenera’s business solutions unique is the combination of collaborative software with world-class executive education and research programs. These programs are integrated into nGenera’s platform, providing management teams big ideas and a process for successfully and broadly deploying them. They recognize it is no longer sufficient to deliver just point-specific technology.

For 2009, nGenera’s Insight team – led by best-selling author Don Tapscott – has announced a compelling agenda that reveals specific strategies and future best practices to gain competitive ground during the economic downturn.

The research program agenda includes the following slate of topics:

  • Managing IT in Recessionary Times;
  • Getting a Handle on Information Assets;
  • Success (and Failure) for Web 2.0;
  • Collaborative and Decisive: New Methods of Business Decision Making;
  • Building an IT Employer Brand; and
  • Managing Critical Employee Constituencies.

For its executive development program, nGenera also announced eight Executive Summits and Senior Executive Interchange events throughout 2009 in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Guest faculty members in nGenera’s 2009 programs include:

  • John Boudreau- research director at the Center for Effective Organizations, and Professor of Management and Organization at Marshall School of Business, USC- on human capital and sustainable business performance;
  • Nicholas Carr- former executive editor of the Harvard Business Review and a writer and speaker on technology, business and culture- on the fundamental shift in the nature of computing;
  • Tamara Erickson- award-winning author including her latest book, Plugged In, and president of nGenera’s Innovation Network- on the changing workforce and changing values;
  • Joseph Grenny- business communication expert, New York Times bestselling author and co-founder of VitalSmarts- on communication, influence and leadership;
  • Daniel Pink- best-selling author of provocative books on the workforce including The Adventures of Johnny Bunko and Free Agent Nation- inside the hearts and minds of the free-agent workforce; and
  • Michael Treacy- a leading expert on corporate strategies for growth and co-founder of GEN3- on strategies for profitable growth.

A full list of research, executive development programs, and faculty is available.

About nGenera

nGenera Corporation serves the Global 2000 with a platform of innovative research, executive education, advisory services, and collaborative applications providing breakthrough capabilities in customer experience, talent management, and leadership performance. Its award-winning Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solutions are the foundation of nGenera’s nGen Customer offerings, which provide companies the means to accelerate and sustain growth by understanding and creating differentiated experiences for and with customers, partners, and employees. In addition to its nGen Customer offerings, nGenera’s on demand, business innovation platform includes unique, high impact applications for Sales Management, Talent Markets, Incentive Compensation, and Business Simulation. For more information, visit