Moxie Software Drives Innovation in the Social Enterprise Software Market with Comprehensive Integration Framework

Moxie’s Leading Technology Architecture with Open APIs Dramatically Accelerates Integration With Hundreds of Enterprise Applications

MOUNTAIN VIEW,Calif. Aug. 30, 2011 – Moxie Software, Inc., the Social Workspace, announced in November 2010 its integration framework, which has been at the core of Spaces by Moxie™ architecture since its inception, enabling access to information from other enterprise systems and allowing social interaction with third-party applications. Moxie Software’s integration framework provides single or bi-directional synchronization through secure APIs with pre-built adaptors that connect users from Moxie Software’s Employee Spaces™ to enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP, Content Management, HR and Microsoft suite and vice-versa. Moxie Software has leveraged its integration framework to announce further integration with various enterprise applications, including, Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook, and Skype among others.

“The trend of consumerization of IT continues to add pressure to enterprise applications as users   gravitate towards simple, scalable, and sexy attributes as those found in consumer-grade products,” said R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO of Constellation Research, Inc. “Social Business applications need to co-exist with enterprise applications, enabling users seamless transition between all the applications used.”

Key Moxie Software’s Employee Spaces integration with enterprise applications include:

Single Sign-on Through Active Directory Integration
For organizations committed to the Microsoft security model, Moxie’s Employee Spaces can inherit the existing security settings developed by IT through integration with Microsoft Active Directory. In addition, Employee Spaces leverages Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) support for Single Sign-on, giving users the ability to move seamlessly between Employee Spaces and other enterprise applications. This enables organizations to fully leverage their investments in Active Directory, guaranteeing users appropriate access and control across all enterprise applications.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration
Moxie Software has created a social layer on top of SharePoint’s document and workflow capabilities, enabling users to expose documents stored and maintained in SharePoint within Moxie’s Employee Spaces to take advantage of Employee Spaces collaboration features such as “commenting,” “liking” and “following” content. Also, edited and saved SharePoint documents can be automatically synchronized with linked folders in Employee Spaces. Furthermore, users can leverage federated search using Moxie’s robust Autonomy-based search engine to conduct searches across information captured during social interactions and in SharePoint documents, eliminating the information silos that keep knowledge from being discovered and used.

Microsoft Outlook Integration
Moxie Software has built bi-directional integration between Microsoft Outlook and Employee Spaces. This enables users to combine social and traditional communications channels to foster collaboration within the enterprise. With this integration users are notified via email on any social activity they follow, and can then interact with the social objects or comment on an activity feed via email. Also, activity feeds can be addressed to specific users so they can check documents, projects or any social objects. Each group within Employee Spaces can have a unique email address that can be used to post discussions and automatically thread follow-up conversations. Integration
Moxie Software’s integration with allows users from within Employee Spaces to follow any native object such as an opportunity, lead, campaign, event or contract as activity streams, as well as expose reports and dashboards. The integration framework also allows companies to easily see Employee Spaces activity streams or any other social objects such as groups, projects, blogs or wikis from within

Atlassian Confluence Integration
Moxie Software’s integration with Confluence enables companies to leverage large volume of Wikis created by technical and engineering teams and extend that with more sophisticated social collaboration capabilities provided by Moxie Employee Spaces.

This bi-directional integration enables Confluence updates and activities to be surfaced within Moxie Employee Spaces activity streams, as well as update Confluence wikis directly from within Moxie Employee Spaces.

Skype Integration
Moxie Software has integrated with Skype to leverage Skype’s presence capabilities that allows users to share their availabilities in Employee Spaces. Users can tap into Skype’s multi-channel communications capabilities directly from Employee Spaces.

These bi-directional integration capabilities can be extended to key major enterprise applications, allowing users from within Employee Spaces to create custom views in Employee Spaces from multiple enterprise applications all in one consolidated dashboard. Moxie’s integration framework also enables companies to easily see Employee Spaces activity streams or any other social objects from within other enterprise applications.  These social objects can be related to specific objects in enterprise applications, such as a specific opportunity in CRM or an order in an ERP system.

“Moxie Software’s design philosophy has always been to Go Where The People Are,” said David Boyer, Moxie Software’s senior vice president of products. “For social enterprise software to be adopted, it needs to be integrated into the everyday business applications that people use. Moxie Employee Spaces provides enterprises with a platform that not only connects people to one another but also allows people to collaborate around specific business processes. All this is made possible through Moxie’s Integration Framework that allows for quick and secure integration with existing applications.”

Spaces by Moxie Applications allow companies to effectively communicate and collaborate by breaking the barriers between employees, partners and customers. Spaces by Moxie applications include Employee Spaces — a social workspace built with the most innovative Web 2.0 collaboration tools for “The Way People Work;” Customer Spaces™ — the most comprehensive customer service suite supporting traditional and social media channels; andKnowledge Spaces™ — a knowledgebase application that enables customers and employees to co-create and share knowledge, capturing and distributing the correct answers in a knowledge repository for all users.

For more details about Moxie Software’s integration framework, please visit:

To learn how Moxie Software’s integrated suite works, please watch this demo.

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