Moxie Software Releases Its New Knowledge Spaces

Widgetized Customer Experience Portal Enables Personalized, on-Brand Customer Experience

SUNNYVALE, CA – September 17, 2012 – Moxie Software, Inc., the leading provider of customer-centric enterprise social software, today announced the release of a new version of Knowledge Spaces™. The latest version of Knowledge Spaces includes a customer experience portal – a widgetized, Web self-service application that makes it easy for business users to deliver personalized online customer experiences.

“Differentiating the online customer experience is critical for organizations to develop and maintain brand loyalty,” said Nikhil Govindaraj, Moxie Software’s vice president of products. “Organizations want to provide their customers with a reliable, branded online experience. The latest version of Moxie’s Knowledge Spaces meets the needs of socially-connected organizations to dynamically manage information with minimum IT involvement.”

Key product enhancements:

Moxie Software’s  Knowledge Spaces, a component of the Spaces by Moxie™ suite, now includes:

  • Customer experience portal: this self-service portal addresses customer questions in the context of the online experience. HTML widgets are available for the search experience, hot topics, top FAQs and latest articles. An elegant escalation to assisted service is also available to support customers.
  • Improved search functionality: includes enhancements to faceting, numeric processing and term boosting, giving organizations the tools they need to assure optimal customer experiences.
  • Simple customization and integration: a RESTful API and widgets enable flexible and highly customizable solutions for personalized customer experiences.

In an April 2012 blog post—Why Don’t Agents Collaborate More Often? It’s Been Shown To Increase Call Resolution And Satisfaction Scores— authored by Kate Leggett, Forrester Research, Inc.’s senior analyst covering application development and delivery professionals, she highlights that “Empowering customer service agents with relevant, complete, and accurate answers to customer questions remains one of the major challenges in contact centers today.” Kate Leggett further explains by writing “It’s no wonder that more than 70% of the time of an average call is spent locating the right information for the customer. What has proven more effective is to allow customer service agents to work in a more collaborative environment where they are also allowed to take collective responsibility for the content that they use.”

Moxie’s comprehensive integration framework, Spaces Connect™, has expanded the connectivity between the Spaces by Moxie suite of applications and third-party applications, including’s Service Cloud. Spaces integration with’s Service Cloud for Knowledge Spaces is available from Moxie for customers of Salesforce Professional and Enterprise editions.

The new features of Moxie’s Knowledge Spaces will be available on October 15th, 2012. For additional details, see product demo.

About Moxie Software, Inc.

Moxie Software provides the only customer-centric enterprise social software suite that enables companies and organizations to effectively connect employees, customers and partners to engage in business, share knowledge and collaborate. Spaces by Moxie is a comprehensive solution that powers more than three billion social interactions per year for leading organizations in consumer services, financial, healthcare, high-tech and media and entertainment.  Moxie Software’s customers are able to innovate faster, improve operational efficiencies and provide superior customer experiences. To learn more about Moxie Software, visit gomoxie2020.test.


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