nGenera’s (Moxie Software) Redefining Employee Computing Study Unleashes Collaboration Productivity

A Key Resource for Lowering Cost and Unleashing Collaborative Productivity: identifies how corporations can evolve computing environments to take advantage of collaborative opportunities

Austin, TX, September 18, 2009 – nGenera (Moxie Software) Corporation™, provider of a unique platform of Collaborative Enterprise Management (or CEM) solutions, today announced the release of nGenera Insight’s report, Redefining Employee Computing: Lowering Cost and Unleashing Collaborative Productivity. The research, a result of a one year study sponsored by over 30 large, global companies, identifies the drivers, opportunities and challenges associated with evolving to a collaborative employee computing environment. The study also recommends cost effective best practices and considerations for next steps.

“Corporations won’t revamp their computing environments and practices overnight, but they must make a choice for a future direction. Simply bolting on a few collaborative tools doesn’t work,” explained Dr. Nick Vitalari, Study Director & EVP of nGenera Insight, “Many of the companies we worked with were well ahead of the curve, providing great cross-industry examples of collaboration practices that most companies can take advantage of now.”

One of the many findings of the study identifies activities that companies need to stop doing. Based on extensive field research, the report outlines 7 desired characteristics in an organization: device independence, portability, blend of work/personal lives, privacy and security, collaboration, cost-effectiveness and manageability. For each of these 7 characteristics the report identifies appropriate technologies and techniques, what actions should be considered and what actions companies need to stop doing. For the collaboration characteristic it is recommended that companies stop trying to avoid all risk, not an easy task for most organizations.

The full Redefining Employee Computing report is now available to nGenera Insight subscribers.

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