nGenera (Moxie Software) Contributes Social Software Platform to Power Public Discussion on How to Deal with Aftermath of BP Oil Spill

nGenera (Moxie Software) Insight Think-Tank Chairman Don Tapscott Says Fresh Thinking from Many Different Sources Will Be Required to Deal with Environmental and Economic Disaster

AUSTIN, Texas – June 16, 2010 —  nGenera (Moxie Software), a provider of end-to-end software solutions for enterprise collaboration, has launched a public community, Save the Gulf, where people around the nation and world can meet online to share ideas about how to best address the effects of the ongoing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Spaces by nGenera™, the platform on which Save the Gulf is built, enables users to share and discover knowledge via social networks, wikis, blogs, message boards, and document sharing.

“This technology can be put to use by anyone who has Internet access, allowing them to participate in a global discussion,” according to nGenera Insight Chairman Don Tapscott. “Humanity has a long tradition of coming together to solve shared problems. The gulf oil spill is a disaster of global scale,” Tapscott said, “so finding a solution is going to require sharing intellectual power on an equally global scale. Today, thanks to the Internet, we have the tools we need to truly bring the world together in a 21st century agora of ideas.”

“This environmental, and now personal and economic, tragedy in our Gulf waters calls upon all of us to act in defense of this beautiful part of the earth and the people who call it their home. We all have to do what we can, and contributing our technology to create an environment where knowledge and ideas can be easily shared and improved is a great way nGenera can do its part,” said nGenera Chief Executive Officer Tom Kelly.

“Open it up to the world!” – Save the Gulf Collaboration Environment Available Immediately

Recently, nGenera’s Don Tapscott participated in a public panel discussion and was asked by the moderator to advise the chairman of BP, who was a co-panelist, on how to best handle the crisis. Tapscott’s answer was to “open it up to the world.”

And that is precisely what nGenera is doing. Today, nGenera has opened a collaboration environment and is inviting the people of the world to join in a discussion on how best to solve the myriad problems associated with the aftermath of the April 20 failure of one of BP’s deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Save the Gulf community is available immediately at People around the world – engineers and non-engineers alike – will be able to access information, share ideas and knowledge, comment on ideas presented by others and even vote as a community on which ideas offer the greatest hope for cleaning beaches, rescuing sea life, reviving coastal economies, and preventing future spills – as well as other topics the global community might raise.

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