Moxie Software to Market Industry’s First Enterprise Social Knowledge Solution

Combines Internal Collaboration and External Communities with a Powerful Knowledge Base for Better Customer Experiences

SUNNYVALE, CA – September 19, 2012 – Moxie Software, Inc., the leading provider of customer-centric enterprise social software, today announced the industry’s first social knowledge solution. Powered by Moxie’s Knowledge Spaces™, the new solution – Social Knowledgebase™ – combinesCommunity Spaces™ and Collaboration Spaces™, together to enable enterprises to drive more business value from social software by validating crowd-sourced information and endorsing answers.

“Social knowledge is the next generation of crowd-sourced answers, capturing authentic knowledge and making it available for employees, customers and partners to drive better decisions for organizations, said Tom Kelly, president and CEO of Moxie Software™. “Social knowledge is the future of business communication as it not only supports the collaborative and community environments, but also enables enterprises to dynamically endorse published content.”

Key features of Moxie’s social knowledge solution:

  • All standard features available on Moxie Software’s Collaboration Spaces, Community Spaces and Knowledge Spaces.

Specific functionality includes:

  • Rich portals or embeddable widgets for customers to self-serve or participate in the community.
  • Expertise location to ensure that Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within the enterprise can be quickly located for insights.
  • Rich collaborative platform for employees to share and refine solutions before promoting to the knowledge base as endorsed answers.
  • Workflow and approval processes to ensure the quality of certified content.
  • Wikis for collaborative authoring of content.
  • Ability to recommend and promote content into the knowledge base based on ratings and reputation.

“The rise of social networks means vociferous, demanding customers want to see many changes to the common practices organizations have adopted through the past decades, one of them being the creation and maintenance of knowledge,” said Esteban Kolsky, principal and founder, ThinkJar. “The largest repository of SME and pragmatic knowledge are the users of the products and services. We are beginning to see world-class, smart organizations leverage knowledge via social channels in what has been dubbed social knowledge. We will see the long-lasting and positive changes that social knowledge will have on organizations – effectively changing the way knowledge is created, used, and maintained by organizations and users.”

Moxie’s social knowledge solution availability will be made public by mid-October. Additional details can be found at

On Monday, September 17th 2012, Moxie unveiled its latest version ofKnowledge Spaces™, which integrates with third-party applications, including’s Service Cloud. The integration with’s Service Cloud for Knowledge Spaces is available for customers of Salesforce Professional and Enterprise editions.

About Moxie Software, Inc.

Moxie Software provides the only customer-centric enterprise social software suite that enables companies and organizations to effectively connect employees, customers and partners to engage in business, share knowledge and collaborate. Spaces by Moxie is a comprehensive solution that powers more than three billion social interactions per year for leading organizations in consumer services, financial, healthcare, high-tech and media and entertainment. Moxie Software’s customers are able to innovate faster, improve operational efficiencies and provide superior customer experiences. To learn more about Moxie Software, visit gomoxie2020.test.


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