nGenera (Moxie Software) Unveils Human-Centered Enterprise Collaboration Solution

Born at design and innovation firm IDEO, Spaces by nGenera™ combines Enterprise-Class Security and Scalability with an Intuitive, Rewarding User Experience

June 15, 2010, BOSTON, MA (Enterprise 2.0 Conference, Booth No. 611) and AUSTIN, TX — nGenera, the only provider of end-to-end software solutions that manage and accelerate collaboration among employees and between enterprises and their customers, today announced Spaces by nGenera™.  Designed in collaboration with IDEO, the global design and innovation firm, Spaces by nGenera is the first enterprise-class collaboration solution that can be easily customized to integrate into organizations’ cultures, workflows, internal structures, and data sources. Built from the point of view of the user and usability, Spaces encourages wide-spread employee adoption while providing the back-end security and scalability needed for successful enterprise collaboration.

“The enterprise-class capabilities of Spaces by nGenera will finally give IT the back-end functionality they need to maximize existing investments and achieve the scalability and security needed to enable their enterprise collaboration strategies,” said Tom Kelly, CEO of nGenera. “This, combined with Spaces’ world-class intuitive user experience to drive broad adoption, finally will enable enterprises to realize the increase in productivity and competitiveness that knowledge sharing provides.”

Spaces by nGenera Provides Capabilities That No Other Collaboration Vendor Can Match

Spaces by nGenera provides all the standard capabilities found in leading collaboration offerings. In addition, the software solution offers:

  • templating engine, which allows users to easily redefine the out-of-box user interface by community, group, person or page so that Spaces works the way its users want.  This key differentiator solves the one-size-fits-all or expensive customization approach that has plagued many collaboration projects.
  • Plug-In Architecture, which leverages relevant data from existing enterprise applications and allows IT to easily expose that data via interactive mini applications embedded within Spaces. This elegant architecture saves IT from the expensive, time-consuming efforts of custom integration.
  • Container Model, which empowers users and groups to bring their own personality into their “Space”. Each Space (Person, Group, or Project) can be easily tailored with only those collaboration modules (subgroups, blogs, wikis, discussions, documents, ideas, calendars, listeners, etc.) needed to address the specific goal of the “Space”, thus driving usability and productivity of individual workspaces.
  • Enterprise-Class Social Policy Management, which monitors internal breach points and the external web.  This provides a complete approach to securing and controlling restricted content in the new social environment.
  • nGen Knowledgebase Integration with the Spaces’ collaboration platform makes it easier to find the right answers as determined by the crowd.

“Without a human-centered context, technology does little to facilitate collaboration in organizations,” said Gentry Underwood, head of IDEO’s Knowledge Sharing domain and lead designer for Spaces. “We designed Spaces by nGenera to open up communication between individuals and groups of all sizes. It’s a departure from unwieldy knowledge-sharing systems that fail to attract broad user support. Spaces by nGenera is designed for evolution – it gives people the ability to self-organize and facilitate their own interactions, spurring organic organizational change and value creation.”

“To fully realize the potential of social software in an enterprise setting, organizations need to balance a complex set of requirements from powerful end-user enablement to robust integration with enterprise architectures. nGenera does a great job of meeting these requirements, truly enabling business process transformation,” stated Jonathan Yarmis, Senior Research Fellow at Ovum.

“We selected Spaces by nGenera to help us monitor and manage disruptions in our supply chain,” said Tony Martins, VP Supply Chain for ratiopharm, a producer and distributor of generic pharmaceutical drugs in Canada. “We are very excited about the user experience, flexibility, and controls built into Spaces by nGenera. It’s unlike anything else we’ve seen.”

ratiopharm and other forward-thinking companies are participating in the Spaces by nGenera early engagement program. Companies interested in joining this program can click here. The general availability of Spaces by nGenera is scheduled for early Q3 2010. Learn more at

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nGenera is the only provider of end-to-end solutions that manage and accelerate collaboration among employees and between enterprises and their customers. Our solutions combine strategic insight, onsite services and the most comprehensive, integrated suite of collaborative applications on the market. As a result, our customers consistently outsmart, outpace and outsell their competitors.

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