Moxie Software Ushers in the Era of “Big Knowledge:” Brings Crowdsourced Intelligence To Customer Experience

Social Knowledgebase Gives Enterprises a New Way to Provide the Right Answers to Customers

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 1, 2013 – Moxie Software, Inc., the leading provider of customer-centric enterprise social software, today announced the availability of Social Knowledgebase™ the first application that combines collaboration technology with knowledge management.

Social Knowledgebase allows enterprises to tap into the collective knowledge of their employees to enhance service levels by getting the right answers to customers faster. By bridging the gap between knowledge workers and contact centers, Social Knowledgebase enables enterprises to deliver the exceptional customer experiences that socially-connected consumers expect.

How Social Knowledgebase Works

Social Knowledgebase is a single application that combines the capabilities of Moxie Software’s™ industry-leading knowledge management application with its collaboration software. The product allows users to recommend and promote content from the collaborative application to the knowledge workflow where it can be certified and published to employees or customers. Social Knowledgebase gives companies the ability to easily harness the power of employees’ “tribal knowledge” to both dramatically reduce costs and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Key features of Social Knowledgebase include:

  • Rich collaboration portal: user profiles, expertise finder, activity streams, groups, projects, ideation, discussions, blogs, wikis and full mobile support;
  • Powerful search: federated results from a variety of enterprise repositories such as intranet web sites, file systems and databases;
  • Content workflow: promote crowdsourced answers for certification, review and approval processes;
  • Knowledge portals: robust portals facilitate search and browse experiences, HTML widgets and RESTful APIs are available for contact center and customer experience integrations; and
  • Plug-ins: MS Outlook, MS Office and desktop file sync.

Insights into Social Knowledgebase and its Benefits:

“People are more productive when collaborating to find a specific answer that benefits employees and customers, said Tom Kelly, president and CEO of Moxie Software. “The result of purpose driven collaboration is actionable knowledge. Organizations analyzing big data are really after big knowledge – intelligence they can put to use making their enterprises more agile to efficiently serve customers by creating superlative customer experiences.”

“Social Knowledge is about harvesting the potentially rich stratum of information created in social networking sites and discussion forums, “ said Johan Jacobs, research director at Gartner. “It is about sifting through this input to decide what is appropriate and applicable to your organization, and using that information as input in the development of product- and service-specific content.” (Report: Use Social Knowledge to Enhance Your Customer Self-Service, Nov. 11, 30, 2011).


Social Knowledgebase is available immediately.

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