nGenera Changes Name to Moxie Software

Unifies its Solutions to Become the Only Complete Social Software Platform For Enterprises to Engage Employees, Partners, and Customers

Mountain View, CA. – September 15, 2010 —nGenera Corporation today announced it has changed its name to Moxie Software, Inc to reflect its mission of providing world-class social software that enables enterprises to connect people, share knowledge and deliver results better and faster than ever before.  With over 600 enterprise customers, Moxie is the first social software provider to deliver a unified platform for an enterprise to engage its employees, partners, and customers.

Spaces by Moxie, the company’s social software platform, designed in collaboration with global design and innovation firm IDEO, combines the most intuitive and flexible user experience on the market with the proven business process capabilities delivered by its award-winning Knowledgebase and customer engagement application suite.

“Moxie’s platform is designed with a user-centric approach that drives adoption and ultimately the best business value for the enterprise. Other vendors have missed the point on adoption – putting tools and technology ahead of user experience,” said Tom Kelly, President and CEO of Moxie Software.
The Spaces by Moxie platform now includes:

  • Employee Engagement Spaces — highly-intuitive social enterprise software that creates a business social network to connect internal people, groups and teams globally and with trusted business partners to get work done faster and more effectively.
  • Customer Engagement Spaces  — a proven multi-channel customer interaction software suite that enables customers to engage with an enterprise via the channel that is most comfortable and convenient for them, including phone, email, chat, self-service knowledgebase, open community, or social media networks like Twitter.

The Spaces by Moxie social software platform empowers organizations to make dramatic improvements in how they plan, design, build and sell their products and services, and support customers by connecting the right people around projects, and enabling knowledge sharing on a scale unavailable until now.
“Unlike social tools vendors, our Employee Engagement Spaces is designed around how work gets done – through people, groups and project teams – and provides integrated business processes with our award-winning Knowledgebase product for easily sharing knowledge across a global enterprise,” continued Kelly. “With Customer Engagement Spaces, we allow an enterprise to meet the escalating demands of today’s customer to engage the company at the time and channel of their choosing. Moxie’s offering covers any channel, anytime and brings the entire global enterprise to bear on meeting customer needs.”

The name change is effective immediately.  The new web address isgomoxie2020.test.  Employees formerly reachable via will now be reachable via To learn more about Moxie Software and Spaces by Moxie follow the Moxie Blog co-authored by CEO Tom Kelly.  Also follow Moxie Software on Twitter and Facebook.

nGenera Insight will continue to operate as a business unit of Moxie Software, under the leadership of world-renowned business author and visionary Don Tapscott.  nGenera Insight members can continue to access research, white papers, and events at


About Moxie Software, Inc.
Moxie provides the most intuitive and comprehensive social enterprise software for employee and customer engagement through its Spaces by Moxie platform. Hundreds of the world’s most respected and innovative companies trust Moxie to empower their people to deliver exceptional results. Engage with Moxie at