Talisma’s CIM [Moxie Software] Suite Rebrands

nGenera’s 2009 nGen CIM Product Roadmap Affirms the Commitment to Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience While Achieving a Rapid ROI.

Bellevue, WA, February  17, 2009 -nGenera Customer Interaction Management (CIM), a division of nGenera Corporation and a global leader in next-generation customer experience solutions, today announced the rebranding of its Talisma CIM Suite and its 2009 technology roadmap. The rebranding of the Talisma CIM solution suite to the nGen CIM Suite follows the May 2008 acquisition by nGenera Corporation, maker of a unique platform of enterprise 2.0 business solutions. The 2009 nGen CIM product roadmap affirms nGenera’s commitment to delivering solutions that enable companies to deliver an exceptional customer experience while achieving a rapid ROI.

“nGenera’s Customer Interaction Management business is passionate about collaborating with our customers to evolve the nGen CIM suite to meet not only the needs of customers today, but well into the future,” said Wade Pfeiffer, General Manager of nGenera CIM. “Our customers are using our products and services as survival tools in this challenging economy. They are leveraging the nGen CIM suite to generate revenue and cut costs. For example, in 2008, a major hardware vendor generated $59.6M in revenue in its Consumer Sales division and saved $5.5M in its Tech Support division using our nGen Chat product.”

The 2009 nGen CIM technology roadmap embraces the power of social networking for the enterprise, expands key partnerships, opens the suite architecture to customers and ISVs, delivers a broad range of new features, and is loaded with usability and productivity enhancements. This roadmap enables nGenera to continue to help companies cut costs and drive revenue today while also laying the foundation for the next generation of contact centers.

The first of the three 2009 nGen CIM suite releases is slated for late March and focuses on search optimization and expanded partner relationships. This release also delivers the first in a series of new technologies that bridge the gap between traditional knowledge management and enterprise social networking.

“We are delighted to help our customers deliver a next generation customer experience with nGen CIM’s powerful capabilities and product roadmap. The nGen Platform, including nGen CIM, offers customers and prospects valuable tools for optimizing customer spend and interaction in today’s challenging economy,” said Steve Papermaster, Chairman and CEO of nGenera Corporation.

As part of the rebranding, the nGen CIM Suite modules are now branded nGen Knowledgebase, nGen Chat, nGen Email, nGen Answer, nGen Phone, and nGen Click to Call. All modules continue to be available in both on-premise and SaaS deployments.

nGenera Customer Interaction Management is a division of nGenera Corporation. The division is located in Bellevue, Washington with global in Europe and APAC.

About nGenera Customer Interaction Management  (Now Moxie Software)
nGenera Customer Interaction Management is the global leader in next-generation customer experience solutions. Customers report increased customer satisfaction and measurable cost savings within six months of deployment. With 250% customer growth over three years, more companies trust their customer experiences to nGenera Customer Interaction Management.

About nGenera  (now Moxie Software)
nGenera Corporation serves the Global 2000 with a platform of innovative research, executive education, advisory services, and collaborative applications providing breakthrough capabilities in customer experience, talent management, and leadership performance. nGenera Customer Interaction Management’s award-winning solutions are a key component of nGenera’s nGen Customer offerings, which provide companies the means to accelerate and sustain growth by understanding and creating differentiated experiences for and with customers, partners, and employees. In addition to its nGen Customer offerings, nGenera’s on-demand business innovation platform includes unique, high-impact applications for Sales Management, Talent Markets, Incentive Compensation, and Business Simulation.