Proactive Chat

Proactively reach out to customers to drive revenue.

Proactive Chat lets your experts know when a customer has stopped making progress toward completing a transaction. Through rules-based or agent-initiated triggers, Proactive Chat invites a customer to engage with your experts. Proactively engaging visitors makes them more likely to complete a transaction.

Drive Additional Revenue

Proactively engage your website visitors to solve problems and up-sell. Your customers can discover products and services they might not have found without assistance.

Reduce Support Costs

Anticipate user struggle and reach out before the customer picks up the phone.

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

Real-time tracking of shopping-cart value, leads, referrals, and page visits help you track and engage the right customers.

Timely Intervention to Save the Sale

Don’t let confused or hesitant customers bounce. Timely intervention can mean the difference between completing a transaction and losing a customer.

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