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Who is the Michael Kors customer?
Customer Engagement Strategy
When to Launch Web Chat?
Extending Your Reach
Voice of Customer – CSAT
Chat Quality Assurance Score
Channel Shifting
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Watch the Full Interview

Watch the full presentation to see how Michael Kors experienced a 5x lift over a five-month period

We invited Michael Kors to share the details on how they got an 81% increase in online sales in the 48-hours after a customer chat. And how they plan to scale beyond chat to reach 99% more customers.

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Contextual Guidance Delivers Increased Conversions & Improved Customer Experience

The luxury retail giant, Michael Kors, looked to broaden its reach with hands-free engagement that did not require a support agent. The company chose to implement live chat, followed by contextual guidance technology, to optimize its eCommerce experience.

Using a proactive approach, the application anticipates challenges or questions the customer may potentially experience and provides snippets of information to remedy them before they even have the chance to arise.

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