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Chill Insurance | CX Exchange for BFSI Presentation


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Chill Insurance’s Digital Transformation (2:19)
Keeping Customers in the Digital Journey (2:09)
How to Guide Different Target Audiences (0:58)
Guiding Customers to Complete the Journey (0:33)
Increasing Quote Completion by 30% (0:21)
How to Design Personalization Prompts (0:24)
Flexibility in Personalization (0:13)
Enhancing the Mobile Journey (0:50)
Mapping the Journey (1:03)
How to Encourage Conversion (3:50)

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Digital Transformation for the Customer Starts with Identifying Engagement Opportunities

After transitioning to a 100% online quote process, Chill Insurance realized a high percentage of users were contacting agents for support with matters that could have been resolved without human assistance. Chill decided to engage Moxie to implement a proactive solution that would help guide customers through the online journey without interruption.

Chill Insurance deployed Kbot®, the contextual guidance arm of the Moxie Concierge customer engagement suite, to identify and address common pain points occurring during the online quote process. Kbot delivers useful snippets of information at known areas of struggle, helping to alleviate frustration and facilitate a seamless online journey.

Watch the Full Presentation

Watch the full presentation to see how Chill Insurance gained a 30% increase in form completion rates.

Moxie engaged in rich discussion at the Customer Experience Exchange BFSI, “Humanising Digital Transformation for the Customer.” Watch the full presentation from Chill Insurance, “How Chill Insurance Simplifies the Online Insurance Experience.”

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