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Introducing SEE, an AI solution that delivers actionable insights.
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Easy-to-Understand Insights + Proactive Guidance


SEE is the only AI solution designed to improve your customer experience and deliver quantifiable results by proactively analyzing customer conversations and creating guidance recommendations to eliminate customer struggle.

SEE provides the proactive guidance customers need, when and where they need it.

SEE takes home the GOLD in the
2020 Engage Awards for its innovation and business impact.

How it Works

Our new advanced AI solution delivers actionable insights to help businesses engage and empower customers eliminating the need for customers to ask for help.


SEE analyzes conversational data.


SEE identifies common customer struggles.


SEE recommends CONTEXT to eliminate struggle.


Insights Analysis

  1. Struggle Topics: Conversational data categorized and formatted by the AI Engine into types of struggle
  2. Struggle Location: Where in the journey struggle is taking place
  3. Topic Trending: How topics and locations have trended over time

Guidance Points

Specific guidance recommendations are provided for each struggle topic and location. Recommendations include proactive snippets of information to guide the customer through struggle resulting in increased conversions and reduced contacts.

SEE your analytics and raise the bar.

goMoxie SEE is the only AI tool that will improve your customer experience and deliver quantifiable results. Learn more today.

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