Moxie Chat vs. Email Use Cases

The Difference in Live Chat and Email Channels for CX

When you’re looking to provide superior customer experience, it’s important to let your users engage with you through the channel of their choice, whether it’s chat, email, phone, or self-service.

The following two charts from goMoxie Insights shows how customers engaging with goMoxie Suite choose either chat or email for different types of inquiries.

Moxie Chat Use Cases

Majority of live chat sessions are pre-sale

60% of live chat sessions are for pre-sale inquiries: questions about product fit, item availability, or promotions, for example. This is partly because of how chat offers are delivered to customers during browsing, but it also shows how users approach each channel. Customers still treat chat as more informal, and email as more formal.

This means that live chat agents must become pre-sale specialists, lending a helping hand in the conversion process by resolving customer struggles, and also taking opportunities to upsell or cross-sell. Only 20% of chat use cases are technical or account related, meaning most pre-sale customer inquiries are focused on questions about the products themselves.

Moxie Email Use Cases

Majority of emails are for post-sale inquiries

The use cases for email are the inverse of live chat. 60% of email use cases are for post-sale inquiries, such as returns or cancellations.

However, there are still plenty of customers using chat for post-sale and email for pre-sale. 20% of email use cases are for pre-sale inquiries, and this is a significant chunk of potential customers that email agents must be ready to respond to or re-assign quickly, as the conversion timer starts ticking as soon as the user’s email is sent.

About goMoxie Suite

All of these results are based on data from goMoxie Suite, goMoxie’s customer engagement suite that combines live chat, email, and CONTEXT engagement channels. Click the bell on the bottom right to experience goMoxie Suite and chat with an agent to learn more.