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Winning Lifetime Customers in the Guided Economy

Replicating the in-store experience online is essential to fostering lifelong customer relationships. In today’s guided economy, retailers are more equipped than ever to reach, engage, and convert digital customers in need of guidance by presenting a contextual solution before a need even has the chance to arise. This level of intuitive, proactive guidance can facilitate both a seamless transaction and an enduring relationship with your brand.

Here are just a few ways we are helping leading retailers create a guided customer experience by reducing traditional pain points in the online journey.

1. Dropping the Bounce

goMoxie Suite allows businesses to replicate the in-store experience online, starting the moment a visitor lands on your site. With the average bounce rate for eCommerce retailers hovering close to 60 percent, you need to leverage everything you know about your visitors to keep them engaged.

In a recent example, the retailer Boscov’s utilized chat transcripts, feedback from its internal team and customer surveys to identify opportunities to improve engagement. After realizing visitors were accessing chat for topics that could be addressed without human assistance, Boscov’s deployed the goMoxie CONTEXT guidance solution, which helped reduce the bounce rate by two percent — and kept customers in the online journey without interruption.

Additionally, knowing how people are landing on your site is key to deploying the right level of engagement to keep them there and guide them toward a purchase. If it’s clear how someone got to your site, you already know their interest and can provide relevant content that encourages them to further explore the site. If they arrived through a sale promotion, you might consider proactively engaging them with a prompt to some of your other deals. And if it’s clear an individual is visiting your site for the first time, a simple, “Welcome, we’re here to help” will bring that in-store experience to your digital channels.

eCommerce Bounce Rates

2. Eliminating Hesitation

No matter which end of the transaction you’re on, we’re all human. Retailers therefore face the inherent risk of customer hesitation, which happens to fall most often during the consideration stage of a purchase. When a visitor is considering a particular product on your site, you can expect a few different behaviors:

1) the customer quickly decides that the product isn’t ‘it’ and moves on;

2) the customer deems it a must-have and adds it straight to the cart; or

3) the customer is on the fence and shows signs of hesitation.

The challenge with decision hesitation is that the indications of struggle are relatively vague compared to those of coupon code errors or order tracking. You have to look for more subtle cues, which may include searching for more information. This is a great opportunity to deploy a contextual guidance tool like goMoxie’s CONTEXT, which allows you to provide relevant snippets of information (such as a sizing chart, buying guide or other customized solution) to gently guide the customer toward making a positive purchasing decision.

eCommerce Conversion Hesitation

3. Addressing Coupon Code Errors

In eCommerce, checking out is the most critical stage in a sale. At this point, you’ve made it through two of the biggest obstacles: attracting visitors to your site and engaging them with a product or solution of enough personal value to warrant an add-to-cart. To have it all collapse so close to the point of sale because of a faulty coupon code is one of the most detrimental—and avoidable—barriers to conversion.

Traditionally, the retail industry has handled coupon code issues poorly, presenting users with an error message akin to a giant stop sign. Even for the savviest of eCommerce consumers who have come to expect this type of roadblock, receiving a solution-less error message can trigger an undesirable action for the brand (e.g., heading to Google for alternate promo codes). The best-case scenario is that it merely promotes hesitation and postponement, which still increases the likelihood of abandonment.

With goMoxie Suite can provide proactive engagement through the use of automated digital guidance, which equally serves customers who don’t want to have to channel shift toward live chat, phone or email, as well as those who attempt to engage an agent to no avail. With CONTEXT, the digital guidance arm of goMoxie Suite, you have the ability to present a customized solution that fits each unique customer—whether it be providing an alternate code based on the value of their shopping cart or a link to your current promotions. Not only does automation provide an immediate solution for your customer, but it also saves your support agents’ bandwidth for the higher value inquiries, allowing you to scale the frequently asked questions.

Mitigate Coupon Code Errors eCommerce

4. “Where is My Order?”

Perhaps the most common of all contact center inquiries, tracking the status of an order, is an ideal case for web self-service. But, because it is typically a high-urgency request, customers more often opt to engage an agent for an immediate response, despite the fact that you’ve offered various self-service solutions on your site.

Using goMoxie’s CONTEXT, retailers can bring the self-service options to the customer at the moment they are looking to contact an agent. When initiating a chat session, for instance, you can use a pre-chat questionnaire to understand what exactly the customer is looking for and offer a contextual solution that not only resolves this inquiry, but also encourages future self-service. We do this with confidence, because studies show that customers would rather self-serve online when given the sufficient means to do so, alleviating user frustration and freeing up your contact queue for individuals with more challenging inquiries.

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Navigate the Guided Economy with goMoxie Suite

Proactive guidance is at the core of our business at goMoxie; we empower our customers to be there for their customers through every stage of the online journey. We are leading the way in the guided economy with digital engagement and contextual guidance solutions designed to provide retailers with the technology, resources and intel necessary to transform one-time visitors into lifetime customers.