End Customer Struggle with Moxie Concierge

End Customer Struggle with Digital Guidance

goMoxie can help you ‘be there’ for your customers with digital guidance.

Failed promo codes, login and password errors, and confusion on form completions are reasons only 1-3% of online customers actually convert. That means over 4 trillion dollars are lost annually on abandoned orders. Tweet This

The good news is that 60% or 2.75 trillion dollars could be recovered annually with digital guidance. Tweet This

Do your customers struggle to choose the best product? Do customers abandon sales due to an inability to locate certain products on a website or page?

Digital guidance solves customers’ problems, saves sales, and improves conversion rates. goMoxie proves that digital guidance pays off with impressive conversion rates across industries. Compare the 1-3% customers who actually convert to the 25% goMoxie customer conversion rate.

Across industries, goMoxie customers sell 50% more products and complete 70% more forms. Why? Digital guidance.

Do you want the 93% customer satisfaction goMoxie customers across industries enjoy? goMoxie will ‘be there’ to engage, connect, and guide customers throughout the online journey. Learn more about how to make every digital experience personal.

End Customer Struggle with Moxie Concierge