Engage with Customers Early and Increase Conversion Rates

Day in and day out, customers are inundated with so much information from competing companies that it can be hard to cut through all the clutter and get your message out into the marketplace. This underscores the need to engage with your customers early and often. The earlier you engage with customers, the better your ability to increase conversion rates.

You have a variety of options at your disposal to keep your company top of mind. You may use any or all of these tools for promoting engagement, depending on the resources of your company and the demographics you are targeting.


Announce to your customers (through all channels at your disposal) an important offer that has limited supplies or is available as a limited time offer.

A blog post, social media update or a timely email blast will suffice for getting out the word to “act now while supplies last!” Customers facing a deadline tend to pay more attention to the offer, increasing engagement with your firm.

Newsletter Subscription

A great way to engage with customers is to offer them a free subscription to your newsletter.

Fill the newsletter with information that will help them do their jobs better. Get their email address in order to add them to the mailing list, and send them coupons as well as newsletters each month.
White Paper

If you’re itching to collect more email addresses, consider offering white papers through your website. Customers will need to provide you with their email address before they can download the PDF file or have it sent to their inbox.


Offering coupons close to the beginning of the sales funnel will promote engagement as it promotes your goods or services. Discounts and other special offers are vital for engaging customers who might still be on the fence. Offer coupons via social media and email, as well as on your company’s site.

People love to enter contests. Offer them a prize, such as a free item, an extension of time or a service upgrade with your company.

For added engagement, have customers send in something, such as a photo or video of them using your product in an interesting or imaginative way. When you post the winners, it’s another opportunity to boost engagement as customers check out the results.


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Asking people their opinion about something is a time-honored method for encouraging engagement. Make your poll short and sweet.

You can link to the poll online from your social media channels, email and the website. For example, the poll might ask them to rank different color schemes for your latest product or to see how much they might pay for different levels of service. Once you have the results of the poll, you have the added bonus of having original data. You could use that data to build a visually engaging infographic to share the results with the community.

Any ecommerce professional at goMoxie will tell you that mobile site engagement is key for boosting conversion rates. By offering customers a variety of options to engage with you, from social media and informative white papers to a newsletter that they receive on a regular basis, you are sowing the seeds to keep your company top of mind among customers. goMoxie can help you maintain that level of engagement on your site and solidify a customer’s decision to purchase from you, rather than from a competitor. This primes them to go with your company instead of another organization when it’s time to make a purchase.