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The growth of mobile technologies is increasing the pressure on businesses to improve their eCommerce operations to meet the demands of the constantly connected customers. According to eMarketer, in 2014 “worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales are expected to increase by 20.1% to reach $1.500 trillion.”

While eCommerce’s growth figure seems healthy, the truth is that in many instances the eCommerce experience is sub-par to customers’ expectations, resulting in $4 trillion losses from shopping cart abandonment based on a recent study from Business Insider. Addressing the root of eCommerce’s problems, our CEO Rebecca Ward discussed the online empty store syndrome and how to fix this issue in these two recent articles published on Wired Innovation Insights and Inc.

Wired Innovation Insights- “Empty Store Syndrome: An Online Epidemic”

Twenty years ago, when eCommerce first came to the forefront, the demise of the brick and mortar was predicted. But in 2012, only about 6% of US retail sales came from eCommerce. This year, companies are expected to spend $125 billion in online advertising to queue people up to their online stores; however, conversion rates hover around 3% on desktops and decline to 1% on smartphones with tablet users converting somewhere in the middle. By comparison, retailers say that in store conversion rates range between 20% and 30%. What is causing the delta?

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Inc.- “6 Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates”

When it comes to e-commerce not much has changed over the years. Companies have mostly focused on SEO and advertising to attract clicks but when it comes to actually making sales conversion rates have remained abysmally low–typically somewhere around 3 percent. It’s time for that to change, says Rebecca Ward, CEO of digital customer engagement platform goMoxie, which has enabled more than 3 billion customer interactions for more than 600 leading brands including Dell, 3M and Epson. Here’s Ward’s advice for what it takes to keep customers on your site, buying your products or services as well as saying nice things about your brand on social media.

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