Hawk Incentives Rolls Out goMoxie Suite with CONTEXT

``Where's my rebate?``

``What's the status?``

``I lost my tracking number.``

Hawk Incentives, formerly known as the Blackhawk Network, is a leader in providing prepaid gift cards and incentives programs. When the company identified common questions clogging its phone and email support, it turned to goMoxie for a scalable solution that could effectively route more customers to chat and self-service while delivering a seamless customer experience along the way.

With goMoxie Suite and CONTEXT, Hawk Incentives has already seen a 20 percent decrease in phone engagements. Thanks to digital guidance, from the moment visitors arrive at the company’s website, through the solutions or actions they sought, customers are met with a seamless and proactive customer experience leading them through their decisions and empowering them to retrieve more information with less human involvement.

“The ability to map items on a web page makes it easy for us to set engagement rules and better serve our customers,” said Marta Merlino-Calvert, who leads Hawk Incentives’ Customer Service Operations. “We can create an element on a website, and then apply it to multiple websites, with each site taking just 10-20 minutes total to go live.”

goMoxie Suite’s business user-friendliness and out-of-the-box setup have enabled Merlin-Calvert and her team to implement goMoxie Suite on 16 of the Blackhawk Network’s websites within 90 days and a total of 28 websites over the course of 6 months. Having a proven and scalable process means Hawk Incentives can continue to refine and expand its commitment to serving customers in the guided economy.