Engage Your Mobile App Users

Keeping Your Mobile App Users Engaged

In the United States, Android and iPhone users ages 18 and over spend 65 percent more time each month using apps than they did just two years ago.

Mobile Apps present a unique opportunity for brands, and thus should not be treated as another version of the website. If conversion and monetization are your goals, then app “Stickiness” is key.


What makes an app sticky?

Engage App Users
The Localytics App Stickiness Index is a way to benchmark an application’s engagement and loyalty values against industry aggregates.

So what does make an app sticky? An app is sticky if you can effectively measure the following metrics:

  • Downloads: Number of downloads over uninstall rate.
  • Total sessions: Number of sessions within app over a period of time.
  • Retention: How many days users retain the app.
  • Session Length: How long users stay within the app.

The ability of an app to stay on a user’s device, and be accessed regularly, is all about engagement.

How to ensure your app is sticky and visitors remain engaged:

A recent study by Forrester states that 60% of visitors who use smartphones to shop have fewer than two retailer-specific apps on their phone; 21% don’t have any at all.  Consumers are extremely selective about which retailer apps they use—demanding convenience, speed, and a personalized experience. Therefore, apps that do not meet expectations are quickly removed or replaced. Here’s how to effectively engage users to increase your chance of survival:

1. Simplify the checkout process

Visually simplifying the checkout process on mobile is essential to increasing conversions. To make the experience mobile-friendly, make sure the “Checkout” and “Add to Cart” options are easy to find and tap on. Large buttons should also accompany the navigation as they can be easily tapped on the smaller interface. Images should be kept to a minimum, however, as they can increase the cart loading time and negatively affect conversions.

Checkout steps should be kept to a minimum. Loyal customers should be able to use existing credentials for fast checkout rather than be asked to re-enter their personal and financial details. New users can be offered a guest checkout option.

2. Helpful Notifications

Visitors expect applications, especially in retail, to provide them with the best of experiences in their mobile moments. With notifications—in-app or push—retailers can offer information about new products and services and personal messages based on their visitor’s profile.

3. Easy navigation

The form factor of mobile devices dictates there be an easy navigation where visitors are able to navigate and input information via pre- populated fields and drop down menus wherever possible. Integrating essential information into tabs and drop-down buttons allows users to tap to see more detail.

4. Help with Purchases

With the right engagements, retailers are enabled to jump in and help customers with purchase decisions, providing a quicker way to the right product and the relevant information. goMoxie’s Native Solution helps retailers not only guide the customer to conversion, but introduce sister products and/or services as well. Repeat visitors view a recommended list of products (curated based on the visitor’s previous purchase history or browsing behavior).

5. Offering Special Mobile-only discounts.

Mobile Visitors do not like to be treated differently from desktop visitors. For them, it’s another medium to shop and thus they expect the same treatment on apps in terms of shipping and discounts as they would on the desktop. Retailers can fulfill this expectation by offering mobile-only rewards to keep them coming back for more. Giving special treatment via goMoxie’s Digital Engagement solutions retailers can create and all exclusive mobile shoppers club and convert their visitors more frequently then desktop.

6. Updating apps frequently

Retailers should stay on top of what their visitors are asking for and provide app updates via the application stores. This ensures their apps are in focus with the customer.

7. Integrating with partners.

Integrating complementary apps/plugins improves the visitors’ experience and keeps them engaged. The goMoxie Native Solution is a seamless and integrated experience that allows visitors to communicate with retailers when the need arises so in their mind the retailer is with then in their mobile moment.

goMoxie enables you to engage visitors and guide them through the successful completion of their decision journey.

Soofia Inayat, is a Senior Product Manager for Mobile at goMoxie, a leader in digital engagement across the customer decision journey.