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Get Your Moxie On! Moxie Delivers the First Customer-Centric Enterprise Social Software

To say that the enterprise social software market is an exciting one is an understatement. Despite all the industry buzz, most service providers are missing the point that enterprise social software is not only about connecting employees for the sake of making connections, but at its core, it is about creating better-functioning companies. I’ve shared my perspectives of today’s announcement in this video blog:

The direction we are taking the Spaces by Moxie suite reflects the valuable feedback we have received from key constituencies: our customers, industry experts/analysts and technology visionaries. To further support our vision, we recently commissioned a survey. The study looked into the behavior of consumers when dealing with purchases and/or business services, and their behavior when dealing with internal interactions at the workplace. The results are nicely showcased in this infographic:

Enterprise Social Software Infographic